10 anime characters who stayed the same over the course of the series


The anime world is teeming with an impressive variety of characters, and most of them undergo thrilling and heartfelt character arcs that involve some serious personal change. In any work of fiction, a dynamic character will change over time, usually for the better, and learn new skills, new perspectives, new everything. But not always.

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The anime’s supporting characters may go through some changes as well, but others will stay the same from start to finish, and that’s not always a bad thing. Some secondary characters are defined by their combat skills or their relationship to the main characters, and even some villains are like that, too. Which anime characters have remained largely the same as when the series began?

ten Orihime is still his classic self (bleach)

Orihime Inoue Bleach

In some minor ways, Orihime Inoue is going through a few changes, such as gaining new outfits or making new friends, but other than that, she stays true to herself throughout the long history of Bleach. Her biggest change was to marry Ichigo, but it’s an external change.

Orihime is a cheerful, fun-loving girl who far prefers peace to war, and her magical barriers and healing abilities reflect her kind and nurturing personality. Not even being captured by Ulquiorra Schiffer couldn’t break her morale.

9 Makarov Dreyar is a reliable guild master (Fairy Tail)

makarov dreyar fairy tail

Makarov Dreyar is the boss of the Fairy Tail guild, a benevolent grandfather who will risk his life for his beloved guild and all who make it up. Makarov’s relationship with his grandson Luxus has changed several times, but Makarov as a person has not undergone any major changes in the process.

Makarov has been introduced as a kind but tough mentor to all of the wizards in Fairy Tail, and he has been exactly so over 300 flawless episodes. Makarov is proud of the new generation of wizards, and one day he will pass the baton to a new master. But not right now.

8 Askeladd saw that it was not necessary to reinvent yourself (Vinland Saga)

The Viking warrior Askeladd has a curious role in the rugged and historic history of Vinland Saga. He is primarily an antagonist as he coldly killed Thors, Thorfinn’s beloved father, in front of Thorfinn himself. But he’s also a mentor to Thorfinn and has shared all kinds of wisdom with him.

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Askeladd is part antihero, father figure, villain, schemer, and antihero, and he’s been like that from the very beginning, and he died that way too. Askeladd is smart and makes a lot of bold decisions, but he has never changed who or what he is.

7 Soma Yukihiara is the same Goofball chef as ever (Food Wars!)

Soma Yukihira is a model shonen protagonist, though he doesn’t throw a punch overall. Food wars! series. He’s bold, loyal, courageous, creative, and has a lot of guts, and he’s determined to make a name for himself at Totsuki Culinary Academy and graduate to the top of his class. He’s pretty competitive, on top of everything else.

Soma makes all kinds of friends and allies, from Erina Nakiri to Megumi Tadokoro and Takumi Aldini, but he tends to influence these characters rather than allowing them to change him, in addition to inspiring new techniques of food. Soma is largely a static character, but he’s so adorable that it’s not much of a problem. He lets his food do the talking.

6 Touta Matsuda is still classic Matsuda (Death Note)

As protagonist Light Yagami changes as a person, sinking deeper and deeper into villainy, supporting characters like Touta Matsuda don’t have such character arcs. Matsuda is a goofy, fun-loving policeman who has a tendency to bother, and that doesn’t change over the course of Death threat.

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Matsuda is older in the second story arc, but otherwise, he’s the same person as ever. He is also deeply loyal to the leader of the NPA, Soichiro Yagami, and he will do anything for Soichiro’s good, including shooting Light to defend the honor of the late Soichiro. After Light betrayed his own father, Matsuda was outraged.

5 Major Alex Louis Armstrong Stays True To Who He Is (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Fullmetal Alchemist Alex Louis Armstrong

State Alchemists come in all shapes and sizes, and Major Alex Louis Armstrong is the flashiest and most memorable State Alchemist of all. He’s a tough, proud guy who mixes physical martial arts with alchemy, and according to him, it’s an Armstrong family tradition.

Unlike his stone-cold older sister Olivier, Alex Armstrong is an empathetic and sentimental person who wears his heart on his sleeve, even during battle. It stays like that all the time, and that’s a good thing. The world needs more honorable and kind warriors like him.

4 Dutch already understood his life (Black Lagoon)

Dutch is a core member of the Black Lagoon team, and he typically drives the boat and plans battle against a wide variety of enemies. He’s also a Vietnam War veteran, though he doesn’t often talk about it. Dutch prefers to focus on the job at hand.

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Dutch is tough but fair, and he gave Rock a good chance to rebuild his life before Revy. Dutch is defined primarily by his elite skills and ability to deal with rowdy Revy, and few changes. Rock needs someone reliable like Dutch by his side to survive this life of crime.

3 Leone Abbacchio never really warmed up in Giorno (JoJo’s bizarre adventure)

It is true that Leone Abbacchio underwent a personal change during a flashback, but these events took place before the main story of the Golden Wind narrative arc. By this point, Abbacchio had already established himself as a key member of Bruno Bucciarati’s squad, and he didn’t like newcomer Giorno Giovanna very much.

Abbacchio had a stern, harsh demeanor the entire time, and his personality and abilities remained largely the same, until his death later in the story arc. He might have formed a slightly higher opinion of Giorno by then, but not by much.

2 Laika made herself at home in Azusa’s cottage (I’ve been killing slimes for 300 years and maxing out my level)

laika I killed slimes

This charming isekai series had a handful of characters to keep the protagonist, Azusa Aizawa company, and the first of them to appear was the dragon girl Laika. She quickly became Azusa’s staunch friend and volunteer housekeeper, and she has since formed a rivalry with the blue dragon’s daughter Flatorte.

Aside from this rivalry, which is an external affair, Laika is the same as ever, and she feels no need to learn anything new or reinvent herself as a person. She is happy to spend the days with Azusa and the twin sisters Falfa and Shalsha, and Azusa feels the same.

1 Shigure Sohma revealed new sides to himself (fruit basket)

Shigure with a threatening smile

Shigure Sohma revealed new sides to himself like the story of Basket of fruits continued, but it hasn’t really changed a person. Rather, it is the viewer’s perception of him that has changed. Shigure started the story off looking like an ordinary man who laughed at all the antics around him, but he was actually a cunning schemer.

Shigure knows all about the mysterious Sohma family, including Akito Sohma’s deepest secrets, and he’s been involved in most of the major events of the family estate. In the end, he was almost a threatening figure, but he ultimately had good intentions.

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