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The anime world is populated by countless anime characters of all types, from hotheaded tsundere types to shonen protagonists and more. These characters can also be classified using actual metrics such as their MBTI personality types or the twelve western zodiac signs.

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Some anime characters fit well with their star sign, but astrology can also be used the other way around. Fans can use a particular sign, such as the water sign Scorpio, as a starting point and see which anime characters best match that sign’s attributes, regardless of those characters’ actual birth signs.

ten Sousuke Aizen is a suspicious schemer (Bleach)

Aizen rules over Hueco Mundo in Bleach

None of the twelve signs are inherently good or evil, but some signs suit heroes, while others suit villains better. Scorpio stands for cunning, ambition, secrecy, and focus, making them a great sign for villains and anti-heroes. BleachSousuke Aizen is a good start.

Aizen lives up to the ambition and secrecy of this water sign. Nothing is known of his personal life, and his outward personality was a total sham that fooled everyone. Above all, Aizen is cunning, determined, and ambitious, aiming to use the Hogyoku to become the next ruler of the heavens.

9 Mary Saotome likes to sting her enemies (Kakegurui)

marie saotome in kakegurui

Some anime anti-heroes, like acting student Mary Saotome, act like handsome Scorpions in all sorts of exciting ways. While Yumeko Jabami is whimsical and reckless, her rival, Mary Saotome, is ruthless and ambitious, aiming to topple Hyakkou’s student council to prove her worth.

Mary will cooperate with her allies if she must, but only if there is something for her, and she never loses sight of her ultimate goal. Her Scorpio side is also expressed in her secret nature, because Marie does not like to reveal herself too much. She can’t stand anyone interfering in her private life.

8 Nene Kinokuni has something to prove (Food Wars!)

Many of the Totsuki School’s students are incredibly driven and ambitious, as they all attend an elite culinary school where mediocre or poorly focused students are quickly expelled. This school encourages competition and cruelty, and Nene Kinokuni of the Council of Ten understands that.

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Nene lives up to the Scorpio sign with her determination and ambition – in this case, proving herself to be superior to her childhood friend, Isshiki Satoshi. She even sided with Erina’s mean uncle Azami to further her interests, and she tried to “sting” Soma in their cooking battle before moving on to Isshiki.

seven Sabnock Sabro Aims for the Throne (Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-Kun!)

sabnock sabro iruma-kun

Iruma Suzuki is an isekai hero in the demonic Netherworld, and he soon learned that not all demons are fearsome monsters. The troublemaker Valac Clara is quite charming, and Azazel Ameri likes shojo manga. Then there’s Sabnock Sabro, which looks more like a traditional demon.

Sabnock is determined to become the next Demon King at all costs, and he has no patience for anyone who can’t keep up with him. He despises anyone who lacks ambition, and he criticized Asmodeus Alice for being complacent as Iruma’s friend.

6 Killua Zoldyck is a secret assassin (Hunter X Hunter)

Killua Zoldyck is a young assassin with an attitude, and he definitely has Scorpio traits, even though he was actually born Cancer. According to the sign of Scorpio, Killua keeps his personal life a secret and he doesn’t often open up to people. He keeps them at a distance.

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Killua, as a natural Scorpio, has a focused and intense attitude and either enjoys something very much or has no interest at all. People have to earn his trust and loyalty, and while it’s not easy to do, his friend/rival Gon Freeccs has succeeded. It’s quite an achievement.

5 Neito Monoma is intense but reveals nothing of himself (My Hero Academia)

Neito Monoma is a competitive Class 1-B student, and in some ways can also be described as a Leo, though he also has notable Scorpio traits. After all, Neito is intense and driven, and he’s only focused on proving that Class 1-B is better than Class 1-A. That’s how he “stings” Class 1-A.

Neito’s ambition makes him a Scorpio, as does his secretive nature. He is by no means shy or quiet, but again, he has revealed absolutely nothing about his personal life or background. He wants people to know him for his accomplishments and leadership, not for his warm, fuzzy side…if he even has one.

4 Jose Porla wanted to eliminate Fairy Tail (Fairy Tail)

Magician Saint Jose Porla was a relatively minor villain in Fairy tale, but fans have seen him enough to get a good sense of who he really is, and his personality points towards Scorpio. Like a scorpion of the zodiac, Jose is fiercely determined to accomplish one goal: to destroy the powerful guild of Fairy Tail.

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Jose has always hated Makarov’s guild, and he launched an unprovoked assault on that guild to tear it down once and for all. He does things 100% or not everything, like a true Scorpio, and he keeps his personal life a secret. His private life is completely unknown.

3 Demon Lord Clayman set his sights on Rimuru (that time I got reincarnated as a slime)

clayman talking in the mud

Many intriguing and determined anime villains fit the sign of Scorpio, such as Aizen and Jose Porla, and Demon Lord Clayman just joined the club. He’s an aloof and manipulative villain who would much rather have minions than friends, and he won’t open up to anyone. Scorpios are usually like that.

Clayman, as Scorpion, wanted to “steal” the isekai slime Rimuru Tempest and put him down, and nothing could convince Clayman to give up on his cherished goal. He even tried to turn the Demon Lord’s council against Rimuru before battling the slime and losing to him.

2 Kisho Arima coldly puts duty first (Tokyo Ghoul)

Arima overlooks the city in Tokyo Ghoul

Elite ghoul investigator Kisho Arima could also be described as a Virgo in some ways, as he is a diligent and hardworking CCG employee, but he also has many Scorpio traits. Like most Scorpios, Kisho Arima keeps people at a distance and makes sure his relationships are all professional and impersonal.

Kisho is neither cold nor cruel, but he still prefers not to have friends. He must focus on his job and he mercilessly sends ghouls with terrifying efficiency. He is calmly but intensely determined to rid the world of ghouls, making him a devoted Scorpio with a brutal sting.

1 Princess Azula is all about power (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

The Last Airbender Theory: Legend of Korra's Secret Azula Cameo Finishes Its Arc

Princess Azula of the Fire Nation is a ruthless, goal-oriented anime villain with no time for fun and games. She embodies the sign of Scorpio with her vicious attitude and fierce determination, and nothing can stand in her way for long.

Azula tends to keep people at a distance and isn’t too quick to make friends or trust people, with Mai and Ty Lee being two exceptions. She later became downright paranoid and brutal, being a Scorpio in the worst possible way as she came close to claiming the Fire Nation throne for herself.

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