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Family means everything in the world of anime, from an adorable little sister to a rogue brother to a hardworking single parent to a doting grandparent. Many of the best anime characters have a few siblings, and those siblings can be mortal enemies, rivals, or very close.

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Time, distance or other factors can separate a brother from his siblings, but no matter what, these brothers are always loved. In fact, some brothers are still loved even though they joined the villains or are emotionally distant. Other brothers, meanwhile, fully return the love of their brothers and sisters.

ten Zeref Dragneel went villainous to get Natsu back

Fairy tale

Most healthy family themes in the Fairy tale the anime actually deals with found families, with the entire guild of Fairy Tail being one giant found family. For a time, Natsu Dragneel the fire wizard thought the dragon Igneel was his only family, but he actually has an older brother, Zeref.

Centuries ago, the Dragneel family lived in peace, but most of them died, and Zeref plunged into forbidden research to retrieve his brother Natsu. Unfortunately, Zeref ended up becoming a destructive and cursed villain in the process, but his love for his brother never wavered.

9 Reina Aharen finds her little brother funny

Aharen-san is indecipherable

Reina Aharen is a silver-haired Kuudere girl who tends to express her warm feelings of affection with food and gifts rather than her words, and she does this not only for her classmate Raido but also for her. family. She is the eldest of three children, so she willingly supports her little brother and sister without expecting anything in return.

Reina is very fond of her little tsundere sister Eru and their little brother, the cheerful deredere Ren. Reina thinks Ren is a fun boy, especially when he dresses up in her clothes and impersonates her. Ren even did this in the mall and completely fooled Raido for a few moments.

8 Itachi Uchiha could never hurt Sasuke


Itachi Uchiha is the eldest of two brothers, and he is also the pride of the entire Uchiha clan. Itachi may not have acted like that, but he was very fond of his little brother, Sasuke. However, he also had a duty to perform, so he rarely had time for Sasuke. Then Itachi was ordered to slaughter his entire family.

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Itachi was more loyal to his village than his clan, so he carried out these orders immediately. He did, however, make an exception for 7-year-old Sasuke, as his beloved little brother was precious to him and also totally innocent. Despite pressure from above, Itachi refused to kill him, and he subsequently left the village.

seven Shoko Komi adores her brother, Shosuke

Komi can’t communicate

Shoko Komi’s warm affection for her brother, Shosuke, is strongly implied, since Shoko is even less expressive than the silent Reina Aharen. Shoko rarely says or does much around her slightly younger brother, but given that they never fight, argue, or get bored, they have a strong sibling bond.

In the manga, at least, Shoko was having a bit more fun with her brother. In one funny chapter, she whimsically visited his room, played with his hair, slipped a manga volume into his library, and ran away, which Shosuke silently found odd but amusing.

6 Naoya Nifuji admires Hirotaka


The lovable deredere Naoya Nifuji is the more outgoing of the two Nifuji brothers, contrasting sharply with his older brother, Hirotaka. Naoya and Hirotaka may have different interests and skills, but they are quite close and Naoya will always show it.

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Naoya is always happy to see his brother and often calls him “big brother” in a casual and friendly manner. Naoya clearly looks up to and admires Hirotaka, while Hirotaka simply appreciates his lively brother and gently scolds him if he gets carried away.

5 Monkey D. Luffy loved his adoptive brother, Ace

A play

Adopted brothers Luffy and Ace were quite close, although the call of the sea separated them for some time. When Ace turned 17, Luffy stayed and said goodbye. Years later, the two brothers were sailing the high seas but with different crews. They rarely met.

Even so, they would both risk their lives for each other, and Luffy did that in the Impel Down story arc and during the Marineford War right after that. The strength of Luffy’s brotherly love was such that he took on the strongest fighters in the world for Ace’s sake. But tragically, Ace died in Luffy’s arms.

4 Shinra Kusakabe won’t give up on Sho

fire force

Years ago, the Kusakabe family was torn apart when the mother became an inferno and the house burned down. Child Sho was stolen and Shinra was left as an orphan determined to become a heroic firefighter. Shinra hoped that no other family would suffer like his.

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Now Shinra knows that his beloved little brother, Sho, is alive after all, and Shinra will push himself to the absolute limit to retrieve Sho from the clutches of the White-Clad Cult. It won’t be easy, especially since Sho himself resists, but Shinra won’t abandon his family.

3 Tenya Iida greatly admires Tensei

my hero academia

Only a few students from Class 1-A and 1-B are confirmed to have siblings, such as Tsuyu Asui having a younger sibling and Shoto Todoroki being the youngest of four. Then there’s the bookish Tenya Iida, who has a beloved older brother named Tensei, also known as Ingenium.

Unfortunately, Tensei nearly died at the hands of Stain and was forced to retire as a hero. An enraged Tenya nearly died trying to get revenge on Stain, but now he’s cooled his head and is a good trainee hero Tensei can be proud of.

2 Shikimori can count on his big brother

Shikimori is not just a cutie

The pink-haired Shikimori is a total little sister and a teenage girl who’s a little too determined to prove just how tough and grown-up she is. But she does it in a wholesome and inspiring way. Shikimori has always looked up to her moody older brother, Fuji, and she even took karate lessons to follow his lead.

Shikimori and Fuji sometimes butt heads, but they understand, respect, and love each other deeply. There was a time when Fuji generously bought Shikimori her favorite cosmetics as gifts, and Shikimori was very moved.

1 Alphonse Elric relies heavily on Edward

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

The two Elric brothers are very close, hence the “fraternityin the title of the 2009 anime. Edward and Alphonse support and care for each other, but Alphonse is a bit more open about it since he’s a deredere rather than a tsundere. He relies heavily on Ed, who is the unofficial leader of this duo.

Alphonse is often worried about his exhausted brother, who carries even more burdens than him. Whenever the Elric brothers go their separate ways, they will do whatever they can to reunite. However, they also trust each other to do the job on their own.

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