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My hero university has Izuku Midoriya as the classic Shonen protagonist, but he’s just one of UA’s twenty Class 1-A trainee heroes. The series has an ensemble cast, and many of Izuku’s classmates could be their own Shonen protagonists, such as Shoto Todoroki and certainly Momo Yaoyorozu. Momo is a big hit with the fans.

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Momo Yaoyorozu is the hero of creation, a girl who can do just about anything with her body if she understands its inner workings. Momo is popular because she is a brilliant and helpful supportive heroine whose heart burns with heroic passion, and she is also kind and friendly to her classmates and peers. Somehow she can call back MHA fans of similar anime characters too.

ten Valac Clara can also craft items from scratch (Welcome to School of Demons, Iruma-Kun!)

Clara thumbs up

When it comes to personality and academic achievement, charming troublemaker Valac Clara is nothing like Momo Yaoyorozu, but these two girls are more alike than first impressions suggest. On the one hand, they are both beloved supporting characters in a series where a brave boy is enrolled in a school of magic.

More interestingly, Valac Clara can create objects from nothing, just like Momo, and in particular, Clara makes objects from the magic pockets sewn onto the skirt of her school uniform. Unlike Momo, Clara can even craft food and organic items with this ability, and creating those items doesn’t tire her out.

9 Alice Nakiri loves research and experimentation (Food Wars!)

Alice Nakiri watches

Alice Nakiri may be rather bratty and juvenile compared to Momo Yaoyorozu, but both characters are fiercely passionate about what they do, and they both harbor secret insecurities about their respective professions. Fortunately, Alice and Momo have the courage to face these insecurities and grow stronger.

Alice is an intelligent chef who uses gastronomy as her secret weapon in the kitchen, and Momo Yaoyorozu would approve of her studious and well-researched methods – just like Tenya Iida, for that matter. Alice is also a prominent secondary character who entered a tournament, just like Momo.

8 Uryu Ishida is a smart and gifted student (bleach)

uryu looking over the shoulder

Momo Yaoyorozu would call back My hero university fans of a variety of male anime characters, like the talented Quincy Archer Uryu Ishida from the hit series Bleach. Uryu is a shrewd student and a smart tactician, which makes him similar to Tenya Iida as well as Momo Yaoyorozu.

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Similar to Momo, Uryu tends to rely on his intelligence and clever tactics on the battlefield rather than brute force, although he is certainly capable of dealing a devastating blow to his enemies, such as the Captain. Mayuri Kurotsuchi or Szayelaporro Grantz. Uryu is a stern but well-meaning ally for Ichigo Kurosaki with the heart of a hero.

7 Levy McGarden loves magic books and scripts (Fairy Tail)

The writing of Levy McGarden from Fairy Tail

Levy McGarden is not the strongest member of the Fairy Tail guild, but she is vital to the guild’s success against a variety of enemies. Levy is a clever, bookish wizard who can quickly read any book with her magic glasses on, and she can put all that dark knowledge to good use.

In battle, Levy serves as a support wizard, using his flexible, solid script magic to enhance his allies and slow enemies in a variety of ways. Such magic is useful for a quick, creative hero like Levy, and something similar can be said about Momo’s Creation Quirk.

6 Vulcan Joseph is a Handyman (Fire Force)

vulcan fire force

Vulcan is a handyman in the Fire force the universe, and it runs in the family. He had a grudge against the FFS for a while, but he overcame it and joined Company 8 as a resident engineering expert. He is now ready to help Captain Akitaru Obi, Maki Oze and anyone who needs his expertise.

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Vulcan, like Momo, is a brilliant creator who would rather support his allies than fight himself, but he’s not completely helpless if he is targeted by Infernals or white-clad cultists. He and Momo would get along just fine if they ever met.

5 Asami Sato is bright and kind (The Legend of Korra)

The Legend of Korra Asami Sato Red Robe

The legend of Korra is very similar to the anime in many ways, from its animation style and Asian-inspired setting to its combat system and tone. One of the most beloved side characters is Asami Sato, a well-educated and courageous young woman who now runs her father’s business, Future Industries. She is also a fiercely loyal friend who will not let wrongdoers get their way.

Asami may not have a Mastery or Quirk, but she’s a fierce fighter who can use a variety of vehicles, gadgets, and weapons to level the playing field, which is roughly similar to the Momo’s creative ability. Asami is also a great thinker in combat and renowned for her elegant beauty. She and Momo are almost like sisters.

4 Chrome is an enthusiastic inventor (Dr. Stone)

Like Valac Clara, Stone Age hero Chome may have a very different personality than Momo Yaoyorozu, but he looks like her in all the ways that really matter. He’s a major supporting character who goes out of his way with all kinds of inventions and innovations, serving as a miniature Senku Ishigami.

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Chrome has surprised Senku more than once with his creative inventions and ingenious thinking, and he relies much more on brilliant science than brute force to win the way. He is also totally loyal to Senku as a heroic scientist, and he longs for justice in this new savage Stone Age. He won’t tolerate any villain, and neither will Momo.

3 Lady Larna works for the Department of Magic (My Next Life as a Villain)

larna on the wickedness on the roof

Lady Larna, who is truly Susanna Randall, is a notable supporting character in Bad‘Second Season. She’s the head of the magic department, and with her mature and responsible personality, she’s absolutely up to the task. She is also an excellent researcher and inventor.

Lady Larna’s friendly but worthy personality might remind fans of Momo Yaoyorozu, in addition to her supporting role in the story and her tendency to use research and items to benefit the main characters on a mission. She then welcomed Katarina and Maria to the Department of Magic as junior researchers.

2 Winry Rockbell loves Automail (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

winry check automail fullmetal alchemist

Auto-messaging engineer Winry Rockbell isn’t a battle-ready hero like Momo Yaoyorozu is, but other than that the two girls are reasonably similar and they would certainly get along if they ever met. Winry Rockbell plays a supporting role for the Elric Brothers, typically fixing, tuning, and even reinventing their automatic messaging.

Winry might not be a fighter, but she’s a brave and passionate person who will always do whatever it takes to help save the day, and she doesn’t have a nasty bone in her body. She couldn’t bring herself to shoot Scar, her parents’ killer, even when she had the chance. She’s a heroine, not a criminal.

1 Merlin is a brilliant seeker (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Seven Deadly Sins Merlin Holding Test Tube

Merlin is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, or elite Sacred Knights who are in a class of their own. Like Momo, Merlin prefers to play a supporting role for her heroic companions, and she has a powerful mind to make all manner of magic possible. She ranks among the greatest anime wizards of all.

Merlin is a cool and confident knight in battle, and if she doesn’t fight, she digs deep into the arcane or invents her own spells and mad science to aid her companions in the next fight. She is definitely the Momo of Deadly Sins.

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