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Food wars! Shokugeki no Soma is a beloved shonen action series that is all about cooking and food rather than magic or monsters. The hero is Soma Yukihira, a happy and talented boy who finds himself enrolled in Totsuki Culinary School. There he meets many friends, rivals and enemies, including the talented Erina Nakiri.

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Erina is no ordinary student. She’s got the tongue of God, which means Erina can smell flavors better than anyone, and she also has elite skills and has had intensive tutoring to make her the best chef of her generation. She’s also a lovable Tsundere type, and she’s gradually grown from being an Ice Queen to being Soma’s friend and ally. Erina’s personality, character arc, and / or skills may remind you of Food wars! fans of many other anime characters too.

ten Captain Byakuya Kuchiki Learned to Bend the Rules (Bleach)

byakuya bleach

Captain Byakuya Kuchiki, like Erina Nakiri, was born into wealth and prestige, and he underwent rigorous training to help him realize his potential as a swordsman. Byakuya isn’t a bad person, but he’s been the antagonist of the Soul Society arc to a point, and he doesn’t always get along with Ichigo Kurosaki.

Byakuya isn’t quite a tsundere, but he has learned to soften his stance against the law and protect those he holds dear, even though he has to break tradition to do so. It’s as if Erina has the courage to confront her father and become a rebel leader.

9 Princes Hibana is noble, but she always cares about others (Fire Force)

Princess Hibana is the captain of the 5th Fire Company, and although she has formidable flower-shaped abilities, she is defined more by her research than by her combat skills. Princess Hibana also has a tendency to despise others, to the point of using people as chairs and stairs.

Hibana is weird and a little over the top, but she’s not a freak. She genuinely cares about Shinra Kusakabe, and she will do her part to fight the white clad cult and other villains. She also has a tsundere streak which has made her dear to fans.

8 Chitoge Kirisaki is a fierce Tsundere (Nisekoi)

chitoge kirisaki looking away

Erina Nakiri is quite the Tsundere, so she can remind anime fans of many other Tsunderes, especially those with high self-esteem. Chitoge Kirisaki is a half-American girl and the daughter of the boss of the Beehive gang, which means she is used to living in comfort and luxury.

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Like Erina, Chitoge is distant and has a bad attitude at times, but she has good intentions and would do anything for a true friend. She slowly warmed up with her fake boyfriend, the nice Raku Ichijo, and learned to rely on him. It’s similar to how Erina slowly befriended Soma Yukihira.

seven Taiga Aisaka is secretly vulnerable (Toradora!)

The irritated taiga in Toradora

Taiga Aisaka is another famous anime tsundere, more so than even Chitoge Kirisaki. Taiga is known as the “tiger on top of the palm” of her high school due to her small stature but fierce demeanor, and she is also known to carry a wooden sword. She’s not the type to be lightly.

Taiga is tough and cool on the outside, but as a true blue tsundere she’s also secretly vulnerable on the inside, and she’ll gladly show her soft side to people she trusts. Taiga is unsure of her family life, while Erina is unsure of her relationship with her tyrannical father, Azami.

6 Nino Nakano slowly warmed up in Futaro (quintuplets par excellence)

nino nakano fifths

Nino Nakano is the second oldest of the Nakano quintuplets, and at first she showed the greatest hostility to the sisters’ new guardian, Futaro Uesugi. Nino is yet another classic tsundere, and at first she only showed compassion to her four sisters, and even then it was somewhat conditional.

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Nino continued to push Futaro away and had a short temper with him, but over time Nino grew to love Futaro and started to rely on him more, and vice versa. This is pretty much similar to Erina’s character arc with Soma.

5 Misaki Ayuzawa is responsible and tough (Maid-Sama!)

misaki ayuzawa maid-sama

Misaki Ayuzawa is the shojo heroine of Maid-Sama! and a hard-talking tsundere, in addition to being president of her school’s student council and a part-time employee at a maid café. Misaki clearly has a lot to do, and that doesn’t even count her eventful relationship with Takumi Usui.

Misaki is tough but fair, like Erina, and demands the best of herself and others. It is true that Misaki lives in poverty, unlike noble Erina, but otherwise the two girls are quite similar, and they would understand and respect each other if they met. Erina would be appalled at Misaki’s questionable cooking skills, however.

4 Azazel Ameri is tall and powerful but still cares (Welcome to the School of Demons, Iruma-Kun!)

azazel ameri in a room

Misaki isn’t the only powerful student council president in the anime. There is also Azazel Ameri, a powerful and intelligent young demon who has a lot to do, just like Misaki. She’s one of the smartest and most talented demon students in Babyls, but she has a soft spot for the hero isekai Iruma Suzuki.

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Ameri, like Erina, was born into power and prestige, and she never experienced the “communist” way of life. It went to her head, but she’s slowly learning to appreciate what ordinary people like Iruma are capable of, and she has a little Tsundere side to her too.

3 Momo Yaoyorozu is talented and cares about others (My Hero Academia)

Momo Yaoyorozu has her differences from Erina Nakiri, mainly her lack of tsundere behavior and her lack of family drama. Other than that, these two girls have a lot in common, like being students in elite, special schools, Totsuki and UA.

Momo and Erina are both smart, talented girls who are at the top of their respective classes, and they’re both fiercely determined to stand up for what’s right, no matter what the cost. Erina stood up to her father to defend the freedom of all of Totsuki’s students, and Momo will risk her life to defeat the bad guys.

2 Lucy Heartfilia Disagreed With Her Father (Fairy Tail)

Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail winks

Lucy Heartfilia might not be a tsundere or a chef like Erina, but she and Erina Nakiri actually have a few things in common. Both were born into noble and powerful families, and they both disagree with their fathers. Lucy couldn’t stand the aristocratic life, so she challenged her father, Jude, and ran off to create her own future.

Lucy forgave her father after his passing, and she found solace in the many new friends she made at the Fairy Tail guild. Likewise, Erina made many new friends in the Polar Star dorm and learned to value friends before wealth and tradition.

1 Katarina Claes is a Reformed Villain (My Next Life as a Villain)

katarina with nastiness spot

Katarina Claes is an otome game hero, and it’s her mission to reshape the entire history of the Fortune lover game to avoid his own loss as the antagonist of the story. Like Erina Nakiri, Katarina was born into a powerful and influential family, but she prefers to be defined by her own actions.

Katarina Claes often defies the norms and expectations of the upper class with her demeanor, befriending commoners and working in the garden with her own hands. She often disagrees with her conceited mother, but it’s a small price to pay to befriend everyone and create a happier world.

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