10 Anime Characters Who Look Like A Scarlet Witch


The Marvel Cinematic Universe added another powerhouse to its cast in 2015 with Avengers: Age of Ultron. It was in this film that Wanda Maximoff made her debut. Since defecting to the Avengers, Wanda has been a powerful but troubled superhero with a difficult personal life.

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Wanda Maximoff, also known as Scarlet Witch, uses chaos magic to confuse and demolish her enemies in battle, and she can even stand up to the mighty Doctor Stephen Strange. She may also remind comic book fans of many other pop culture characters, including those from Japanese anime, who have a thing or two in common with her.

ten Merlin is a Magical Woman (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Holy Knight Merlin may remind anime fans of Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch, with his advanced magic and incredible intellect. Merlin ranks among the most accomplished and powerful magic users in the anime world, and she could go up against a lot of Marvel or DC characters as well.

Merlin, like Wanda, is a kind but somewhat troubled witch who knows how to fight as a team but can also go it alone and pursue her own goals. She also has a stylish and stylish superhero outfit to complete her look.

9 Princess Shuna uses her magic for good (that time I was reincarnated as a slime)

Much like Wanda Maximoff, Rimuru’s good friend Shuna suffered severe losses earlier in her life. Shuna and her brother Benimaru are among the six survivors of the entire Ogre Clan, and they yearn for revenge against the villains who wiped out their kind. But they won’t succumb to rage or hatred along the way.

Likewise, Wanda suffered personal losses but channeled her energies constructively, helping the Avengers fight real villains like Ultron and Thanos. Meanwhile, Shuna is another magic user who also fights for good, and she gets along well with Rimuru’s own version of the Avengers, like Souei and Veldora.

8 Princess Melty fights for justice (The Rising Of The Shield Hero)

Melty is another isekai anime princess who has a thing or two in common with Wanda Maximoff the Avenger. Like Wanda, Melty refused to succumb to anger or hatred, even when her father king and scheming sister Malty turned against the hero Naofumi Iwatani and had her banished. Melty is better than that, and so is Wanda.

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Instead, Melty joined the real heroes, Naofumi’s party members, and became their own pint-sized Scarlet Witch. Melty has a good heart and will use her magic to fight not for herself, but for the entire Melromarc kingdom against the waves and conspirators.

7 Tatsumaki is a magical superheroine (One-Punch Man)

The green-haired, S-rated hero called Tatsumaki is the #2 member of the entire Hero Association, meaning she’s easily on par with any Avengers. These heroes are the Avengers from the anime, with heroes costumed with their own gadgets and themes, with Genos being their version of Iron Man.

Tatsumaki is definitely the Scarlet Witch of her own “Avengers”, a powerful woman with amazing telekinetic powers and the skills to annihilate any foe with these talents. She’s a match for Scarlet Witch any day of the week, and she doesn’t even have a nasty alter ego to get in the way.

6 Juvia Lockser overcame sadness with friendship (Fairy Tail)

Magic users such as Wanda and Doctor Strange are the exception in the MCU, while wizards are the norm in the history of Fairy tale. The members of the Fairy Tail guild are almost like their own Avengers, and at one point they recruited redeemed villain Juvia Lockser. a water-based magician. Now she is one of them.

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It’s similar to the Avengers hiring Wanda after she defected. Age of Ultron, and these were key moments for both characters. Juvia and Wanda were both bitter and nearly succumbed to despair at first, but now they’re much happier with their new superhero teams.

5 Nico Robin joined The Straw Hat Avengers (One Piece)

Much like Juvia and Wanda, Nico Robin, who uses the Devil Fruit, is a villain-turned-heroine with supernatural powers at her disposal. At first, Nico fought for the brutal Sir Crocodile, but they separated after the events of Alabasta, and eventually Nico became a true Straw Hat Pirate.

It’s a clear parallel to Wanda Maximoff turning on Ultron in favor of the Avengers, and she and Nico gained a much stronger sense after joining their respective crews. They never had any real validation or friendship working for Ultron or Sir Crocodile.

4 Nelliel switched sides to repay Ichigo (Bleach)

For one, the rogue Arrancar Nelliel has entirely different powers and abilities than Scarlet Witch, trading magic for a zanpakuto and centaur-themed release mode. Then again, Nelliel and Wanda Maximoff have pretty similar character arcs, and that’s enough for most anime fans.

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Nelliel once served supervillain Sosuke Aizen, but she was an honorable warrior who refused to take lives. After Nnoitora betrayed her, Nelliel joined Ichigo’s team instead and used her formidable power against her former Espada allies. Ichigo is almost like Nelliel’s personal Captain America, actually.

3 Maki Oze is a fiery scarlet witch (Fire Force)

Firefighter Maki Oze doesn’t have the tragic backstory of Wanda Maximoff, and she’s never fought for a villain like Ultron. But she has a charming witch theme that matches Wanda’s, and she can use fire as if it were magic, which sets her apart from the stern, gun-throwing Lieutenant Hinawa.

Both Maki and Scarlet Witch value their families, but they also value their “found families” and risk their lives for their teammates in the battle against evil. Scarlet Witch would never betray or leave the Avengers under ordinary circumstances, and Maki was terribly sad when she was temporarily forced to join the military instead of fighting alongside her friends from Company 8.

2 Wiz could sometimes help Kazuma (Konosuba)

The powerful Lich Sorcerer known as Wiz may have a clumsier personality than Scarlet Witch, but she’s still a powerful magical woman who can sometimes help the heroes if needed. Wiz may seem like a monster based on her true nature as a lich, but she and Wanda won’t be defined by their nature as potential villains.

Wiz can use extremely powerful magic in battle, often ice-based spells or the ability to drain people’s life energy or channel it between individuals. She hasn’t officially joined Kazuma’s future Avengers, but in spirit, she’s by his side when it counts.

1 Lucy/Nyu has personal drama and supernatural powers (Elfen Lied)

Horned anti-heroine Lucy/Nyu, like Scarlet Witch, also suffered early in her life, but unlike Wanda, she actually embraced her brutal side and went wild. Lucy/Nyu however tried to redeem herself a bit and wanted to be a peaceful and normal person, but it didn’t work out in the end.

Lucy/Nyu has formidable supernatural gifts, like Wanda. In this case, the heroine has invisible arms called vectors and can grab or throw objects with them. Lucy/Nyu often uses her vectors to defend her new friends, but she can also use them for homicide, much to her new friends’ horror.

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