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The Japanese anime kingdom is home to a dazzling variety of characters who are known for an equally wide variety of superpowers, lifestyles, weapons, and certainly their hobbies and tastes in food and drink. . A character feels much more rounded when they have personal preferences and hobbies to enjoy.

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Some anime characters are known to enjoy alcoholic beverages, from beer and wine to fancy cocktails or even drinks with fictional ingredients. These anime characters are all known for dropping a few booze on screen, and some of them actually define their lifestyle or fighting style with booze.

ten Cana Alberona Chugs booze all day (Fairy Tail)

Card throwing magician Cana Alberona is known for more than her love of drinking. Cana is also a cunning and intelligent member of the Fairy Tail guild who has saved the day more than once and has a strained relationship with his estranged father, the powerful Gildarts Clive. Plus, she’s also a total party girl.

Cana can somehow empty an entire barrel of wine or beer without ending up in the hospital, and she can drink almost anyone under the table. At the Grand Magic Games tournament, however, she narrowly lost to Bacchus Groh in a drinking contest.

9 Lady Tsunade often drinks and gambles (Naruto)

Lady Tsunade is a powerful and talented kunoichi, and she is also one of the three Sannin. While Orochimaru is a scheming monster and Jiraiya is a notorious womanizer, Tsunade is known for her drinking, boasting, and gambling vices, which makes her eerily similar to Bender in Futurama, of all characters.

Tsunade isn’t a big gamer and she can’t always hold back her booze, but she definitely tries and she won’t give up this lifestyle easily. When Jiraiya introduced her to Naruto Uzumaki, Naruto could hardly believe what he was seeing. However, he later learned to respect and admire her.

8 Captain Shunsui Kyoraku will pour anyone a drink (bleach)

Captain Shunsui Kyoraku was the commander of Squad 8 for centuries, and he was known to be a powerful yet easy-going Soul Reaper who definitely preferred peace to war. He’s not a pacifist by any means, but then again, he’d much rather pour someone sake than fight them.

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When Shunsui first appeared in the Soul Society story arc, he sat down and invited Chad to join him for a drink, which Chad politely declined. Then again, Shunsui could have a drink with Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto, who loves alcohol as much as he does.

seven Yukari Tanizaki Loves Beer (Azumanga Daioh!)

yukari azumanga daioh

Yukari Tanizaki is a teacher in the high school comedy series Azumanga Daoh!, and she usually doesn’t act her age. Yukari is competitive, impatient, obnoxious, impulsive, and she’s also a terrible driver, reinforcing more than one stereotype in the process. At least her friend Nyamo is better at all of this.

Yukari also likes to have fun, and she won’t hesitate to drink a few beers while eating with Nyamo. In fact, Nyamo takes it upon herself to force Yukari and keep her from getting drunk to oblivion. She would rather not see Yukari get sick from one too many beers.

6 Hanako Koyanagi also likes beer (Wotakoi)

hanako wotakoi

Hanako Koyanagi is an office worker with a secret passion for all things boy love/BL and the world of cosplay. She also likes to drink and often joins her friends in bars after work, although she better be careful. Hanko’s eyes are bigger than her stomach.

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Hanako acts and says all kinds of weird things after drinking, but luckily she doesn’t get too carried away often. She loves to drink, but more than that, Hanako is best known for her cosplay expertise, and she can convincingly transform into any fictional character she chooses with a little cosplay magic.

5 Revy smokes and drinks often (Black Lagoon)

revy bored

Revy the mercenary would be at home in a Consumables film, a tough-talking fighter who can easily navigate the terrifying underworld of crime and tear down anyone who crosses her path. She is a bitter but loyal member of the Black Lagoon gang, and she indulges in more than a few vices.

Revy doesn’t mind playing here and there, and she is often seen smoking too. Besides that, she likes to have a drink whenever she has a spare moment, although the bad guys have a bad habit of bursting into the bar and shooting up the place. Revy just wants a quiet drink, that’s all.

4 Shinji Tokida Chugs Beer Like A Champ (Grand Blue Dreaming)

shinji tokita

rowdy seinen anime Big Blue Dream is based on an ongoing manga of the same name, and fans know it’s all about scuba diving, beer, and wild parties every night. The main characters are all college students, and whenever they’re not in class or underwater, they’re drinking.

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Protagonist Iori Kitahara was appalled when he encountered the burly, beer-soaked members of the dive club. The biggest drinker of all is the enormous Shinji Tokita, a third-year student and an expert diver. He’s a friendly but energetic man who won’t let anyone leave the party without drinking a few liters of beer first.

3 Aqua drinks more than she should (Konosuba)

KonoSuba 10 Times Aqua Was The Worst Feature Image

Aqua the Goddess is often mocked for being useless, though she has her moments if faced with unholy foes. Meanwhile, Aqua is downright insufferable on a daily basis due to her superiority complex, immature behavior, and poor money management. It is sometimes a real burden.

Aqua also lacks restraint in taverns and bars and tends to drink more than she can actually handle. More than once she got hammered, only to lose her lunch in the alley while Kazuma supported her. But no matter how sick she gets, Aqua will be just as drunk the following night if given the chance.

2 Willibald Always Keeps His Wine Close (Vinland Saga)

A minor but interesting character in the medieval fantasy series Vinland Saga is Monk Willibald, who is usually seen clutching a small barrel of wine close to his chest. He continued to drink during his time with Askeladd’s gang, but drinking alcohol wasn’t the only thing he did.

Willibald also made some interesting observations about the true nature of love. He maintained that love is not just an inclination for another thing or another person. Instead, love is a person’s willingness to die and return to the endless cycle of all things in the universe, a theme similar to that of Fullmetal Alchemist. One is all, and all is one.

1 Chisato Mizusawa experiments with drinks (Love is like a cocktail)

chisato mizusawa

love is like a cocktail is a very short but charming series of seinen which looks like a iyashikei anime for fans of cocktails and cocktails. The simple yet sweet premise involves Chisato Mizusawa, a hardworking office lady who always looks forward to a nice drink when she gets home.

Chisato’s bartender husband, Sora, experiments with all kinds of mixed drinks, and he’s always ready to delight his wife with his new concoctions each night. Amusingly, Chisato turns into a carefree and clumsy person when she drinks, making her kind of a happy drunk. However, she does not drink in excess, as Chisato believes in quality over quantity.

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