10 Anime Characters Who Like To Dress In Red


Characters in the anime world like to dress up in all kinds of outfits, and some anime characters are known to be fashionable and have good taste in clothes. What a person wears can reveal a lot about them, from their level of wealth to their personality and self-image, or even their professional status.

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While some anime characters are required to wear uniforms in most of their appearances, such as high school students, many other anime characters can choose their own clothes, and they may have a favorite style or color at the time. spirit. For example, some anime characters are known to dress mostly in red, and are remembered for their red coats, jackets, shirts, etc.

ten Vash The Stampede Rocks A Crimson Coat (Trigun)

Vash the Stampede laughing at Trigun

Vash the Stampede is one of the most famous anime gunslingers of all time, and he’s considered an icon of 1990s animation, along with fellow gunslinger Spike Spiegel. But unlike Spike, Vash dislikes violence, despite being a sharpshooter, and he rarely aims to kill.

Instead, Vash roams the desert world of Gunsmoke just to find fun and adventure, and he also has a massive two dollar bounty on his head. He really stands out with his straight blonde hair, his legendary glasses and especially his bright red coat.

9 Edward Elric has a red coat (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Edward Elric is the youngest State Alchemist in Amestris history, but he didn’t do it for prestige or paychecks. Instead, Ed and his brother Alphonse search for a way to restore their bodies after an alchemical experiment goes wrong, and they’ll soon face the wrath of the homunculi as well.

Edward is known not only for his fierce tsundere temper and braided ponytail, but also for his metal right arm and the bright red coat he wears over his black outfit, which sets him apart. He eventually lost it, only to transmute a piece of red cloth into a replacement just in time for his final battles.

8 Ayame Sohma loves her red dresses (fruit basket)

Ayame stands in the doorway

Ayame Sohma likes to wear a variety of colorful outfits, since he works in a tailor shop, but his main outfit is a head-to-toe bright red Chinese-style dress, which contrasts sharply with his rather plain school uniform. younger brother Yuki. Ayame’s red outfit certainly matches her flamboyant personality.

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Ayame annoys Yuki and Kyo all day with his playful antics, but he truly appreciates his brother, and he takes steps to mend their dodgy relationship and get closer after years apart. Ayame will never abandon her brother again.

7 Lupine III has a red jacket (Lupine III)

Lupine III

The legendary thief Lupine III has worn a variety of outfits, but his best outfit is a bright red suit jacket, with a button down shirt and a variety of ties. He’s a mischievous criminal, but that doesn’t mean he can’t dress to impress. His companion, Daisuke Jigen, also dresses quite well and also wears a hat.

Lupine stands out in his colorful costumes, but he has no trouble sneaking into mansions and other secure locations to steal goods and run away like a bandit. Lupine also has a habit of driving cars as colorful as his red jacket and bright ties.

6 Megumin is all about explosions (Konosuba)

Megumin is a young witch obsessed with explosion magic, and it’s the only type of spell she can cast. She graduated from magic school with high honors and then left to learn even better explosion magic around the world. However, she needs a team of adventurers as soon as possible to survive.

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Megumin tends to wear a set of bright red witch robes, accented with red trim and black fingerless gloves and a fancy hat, along with orange boots and a magic staff. Her vivid outfit helps her stand out from the Aqua blue and white and green hues of Kazuma’s own outfit.

5 Tsukasa Shishio made himself red robes (Dr. Stone)

In the distant Stone Age future, all 21st century technology and clothing is long gone, so Senku Ishigami and the other survivors must make their own clothing by hand, such as Senku’s distinct coat with ” E = sl st2″ on collar. Senku’s ally-turned-enemy Tsukasa, meanwhile, took a different path.

Tsukasa created a set of red robes for himself, and he added a cloak made from lion skins to become the new Stone Age’s very own Hercules. Tsukasa continued to wear this outfit throughout the Stone Wars story arc and beyond.

4 Mirajane Strauss has a reddish dress (Fairy Tail)

Mirajane, fairy tail

Mirajane Strauss is one of the most powerful wizards in the Fairy Tail guild, but she vastly prefers peace and happiness to war. She volunteers as a barmaid and cook at the guild, and is known for her sweet, big-sister personality. Everyone knows not to cross paths with her, though.

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Mirajane’s main outfit is a reddish brown dress with pink ruffles, which contrasts nicely with her fair skin and pale lavender hair. She is also known to be very beautiful and she has also posed for magazines a few times.

3 Benimaru has a cool red coat (that time I got reincarnated as a slime)

benimaru slime

Benimaru the Ogre Swordsman is one of Rimuru’s most powerful allies, and he is also among the most loyal. Tragically, the ogre tribe was nearly wiped out when an army of the arc attacked, but the six survivors, including Benimaru, now have a home in the monster realm of Rimuru.

Benimaru is distinguished by his red, gold, and white outfit, and he has matching bright red hair and face markings. Before evolving into a kijin, he also had reddish skin, much like Shion had pale purple skin as the Nameless Ogre.

2 Metal Bat wears a red sweater under his uniform (One-Punch Man)

One-Punch Man Metal Bat

Metal Bat is designed to look and act like a typical 1970s Japanese delinquent, from his badass attitude to his slick pompadour and school uniform. Metal Bat’s outfit is mostly black, like the jacket and pants, but he keeps the jacket separate to reveal his bright red sweater.

In battle, Metal Bat can swing his namesake weapon to completely demolish baddies and monsters in close combat, although he can also perform ranged attacks with it. With such tremendous power, it’s no surprise that he ranks among the Hero Association’s S-class heroes.

1 InuYasha like her red dresses (InuYasha)

InuYasha is a powerful yet hot-tempered demi-demon who really stands out with his bright red robes and long silver hair, not to mention his dog ears. InuYasha was once involved with Priestess Kikyo, but now he has Kagome Higurashi and the rest of his new companions.

InuYasha is on a quest to retrieve the legendary Shikon Jewel and kill his nemesis, Naraku, who is determined to steal Kikyo from him. But InuYasha won’t let that happen, and he has the power of the great sword Tetsusaiga to help him defend himself.

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