10 Anime Characters Who Did Nothing And Regretted It



Every anime character has made a mistake at some point. It’s easy to get it wrong, especially in the heat of the moment. Some of the worst mistakes are made when characters do nothing. Several things can prevent a character from performing an action.

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The situation may be too stressful, they may be too slow to react, they may think it’s the right decision, or they may just be physically unable to react. Doing nothing leads to the greatest regrets of many characters. Trying to do anything, even if the attempt fails badly, is always more enjoyable than doing nothing. This is because a person can tell themselves that they have at least tried.

ten Ichigo Kurosaki watched the Shinigami fight one of their own


During the final battle against Sousuke Aizen’s army, Ichigo entered the fake Karakura Town to see the Vizards and Shinigami already battling Aizen. He stood to the side, waiting for an opportunity to join the fray. As he waited, he watched his allies battle one of their own.

Aizen used his zanpakuto to trick the heroes into thinking Momo Hinamori was him. As a result, Toshiro Hitsugaya ended up stabbing her from behind. Horrified, Ichigo called them after this happened. With a look of horror on his face, Ichigo regretted being slow to understand.

9 Tenya Ida didn’t help Ochaco Uraraka in the entrance exam

my hero academia

Tenya Ida and many other students had to pass the entrance exam to enter UA High School. The hero school was known to be a top school, meaning they wouldn’t accept just anyone into the hero course.

During part of the exam, students had to fight giant robots. During the chaos, Ochaco fell and instead of helping her, Tenya ran away. He convinced himself that someone else would save her and that running was the right decision as they were in the middle of an exam. Seeing Deku save her made him realize he was just being selfish.

8 Kyo Sohma didn’t save Tohru’s mother because of her curse

Fruit basket

Kyo met Tohru’s mother when he was a child. They became friends who talked about their lives. After a few years apart, Kyo saw Kyoko Honda about to cross the street. He noticed she was going to get hit by a truck and knew he could save her.

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However, he would have to pull her towards him, and because of her curse, he would turn into a cat in front of a crowd of people. She died that day and he heard her say she would never forgive him. Being around Tohru made her feel immense guilt, but the two were able to move on after admitting her inaction.

seven Giyu Tomioka passed the final selection but failed to save Sabito

demon slayer

Giyu told Tanjiro that he considered Water Hashira’s seat vacant. While training under Sakonji Urokodaki, Giyu met and befriended another student named Sabito. Giyu and Sabito went to the Final Selection together, and Giyu was seriously injured at the start.

Sabito saved his life and saved other would-be killers. Giyu quickly passed out from his injuries and woke up to find Sabito dead. In the end, it was Giyu who made it through to the final selection despite barely putting up a fight, and he felt incompetent and unworthy because of it.

6 Loke blamed himself for Karen’s death

Fairy tale

Loke originally had a contract with a mage named Karen Lilica. She enjoyed tormenting another Celestial Spirit, Aries. After threatening to force Aries to remain in the human world for a mortal duration, Loke stepped in and took Aries’ place. Karen couldn’t summon other spirits or take on new jobs while Loki was in the human world. If she terminated her contracts and Ares’s as Loke had requested, she would have the same problem.

For days, Loki sat in the human world, waiting for Karen to agree to his terms. Just when he decided to give in, he learned that she had taken a job out of desperation despite her lack of spirit and had died. He would blame himself until Lucy Heartfilia defended him in front of the Celestial Spirit King.

5 Ainz didn’t ask his friend to stay longer


Ainz Ooal Gown was originally a player very attached to a game called YGGDRASIL. He and Herohero were the only guild members who showed up before the game closed. The other members had stopped playing the game, as they were busy with real life.

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Herohero went offline one last time, leaving Ainz the only one left in the game for his final hours. Ainz regretted not asking his friend to stay longer. If he had, Herohero might have been transported to another world with him and the NPCs.

4 Sayaka Miki ignored her own emotions until it was too late

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Sayaka was selfless to the point where she became self-detrimental. She became a magical girl in order to heal the boy she loved and used her powers to save people. Sayaka even refused to use Grief Seeds to purify her Soul Gem because she felt it would be selfish of her, placing an unnecessary burden on herself.

Although she saved Kyousuke, she didn’t have the heart to tell him her feelings as she didn’t feel good enough for him, especially after finding out the truth about Soul Gems. She ignored her own needs until she was overwhelmed with grief and turned into a witch.

3 Karma Akabane didn’t study for her exams because of her overconfidence

Assassination Classroom

Karma was the only student who made no effort to study for the end-of-semester exams. He was skipping study sessions and was convinced that he would pass the exams no matter what. Thanks to this state of mind, he did not pass his math exam as well as he normally would have.

In the end, it was his overconfidence that led to his inaction, and Korosensei teased him for it, causing his face to burn bright red with humiliation. He learned from this experience and got a perfect mark on his next end-of-semester exam.

2 Any human who spared a goblin lived to regret it.

Goblin Slayer

Orcbolg is a master at killing goblins. He has done nothing but kill goblins for years with determined dedication. He has repeatedly stated that no goblin should be spared, regardless of age. Older goblins who manage to escape learn from their experiences and become leaders.

Several unnamed human figures also spared the young goblins out of pity, but were struck down by said goblins the moment they turned their backs. While the youngest seem harmless, they can be just as vicious as adult goblins.

1 Makoto Nijima didn’t speak until the truth was revealed

Persona 5: The Animation

Rumors were circulating around Shujin Academy. They said the volleyball coach, Mr. Kamoshida, abused the students on the volleyball team. No one in the school did anything because the school was worried about his reputation and the students were too scared of him to talk.

After the Phantom Thieves changed his heart and tricked him into confessing his crimes, more students were willing to speak the truth. Many regretted that they personally did nothing about it earlier. Makoto was an example of this, apologizing to Ann Takamaki for keeping her head down the whole time despite knowing the truth.

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