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With so many characters in an anime, it’s only natural that some will earn more love and attention from fans than others. Sure, the protagonist is usually a fan favorite, and sometimes the supporting characters end up stealing the show themselves. But no matter what, there is almost always a character that is shunned, forgotten or even hated by fans.

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This happens for many different reasons. Sometimes a character simply lacks presence in the story. Other times, they have developed a bad reputation within the fandom, which almost prevents them from gaining popularity. Whatever the reason, these anime characters fail to gain fan recognition and never get the respect they deserve.

10/10 Youhei Sunohara Gets No Respect From Other Characters And Fans


Sunohara in Trash Shoot Clannad

From the start, the messy Youhei Sunohara is the punching bag of Clannad. Most fans see it as a nuisance, and even the characters in the story treat it like it’s a joke. While the rest of the cast are treated with respect and dignity, Youhei is constantly reduced to the slapstick comic relief guy in the group.

While it’s true that he’s mostly just an idiot, Youhei has proven on multiple occasions that he can be serious when it counts. As Tomoya’s best friend, he has been nothing but supportive and is often by his side when times get tough. He should be seen as an equal, but unfortunately he never evolves beyond his comedic role, not even in the public eye.

9/10 Zenitsu is more than just a coward whiner

demon slayer

Demon Slayer's Zenitsu Agatsuma Looks Determined

demon slayer fans are often divided on their opinion of Zenitsu Agatsuma. While many adore his quirks and hilarious antics, many others think he’s one of the most annoying characters in the cast.

Many fans call him nothing more than a coward and a whiner, often becoming frustrated with his overwhelming fear of demons. While it’s true that this comic book character can be a pain, he’s proven himself throughout the series. As the story progresses, he has become much friendlier and even improved as a demon slayer.

8/10 Lucy Heartfilia isn’t just your typical Shonen damsel

Fairy tale

Lucy Heartfilia winks (Fairy Tail)

Like many other female roles in shonen anime, Fairy taleLucy Heartfilia is getting a lot of hate from fans. Many see her as another weak and useless shonen damsel in distress. Compared to her male counterparts, Lucy’s role is admittedly often diminished in the story.

However, she’s far from just another bland female lead. She may not be the strongest physically, but her intelligence, compassion, and loyalty more than make up for what she lacks. Lucy plays a vital supporting role in the series, and she deserves much more credit as a worthy member of the guild.

7/10 Asuna receives as much hate as Kirito

Sword Art Online

Asuna arrives in the Underworld in Sword Art Online.

Sword Art Online is one of those anime series about which everyone has a strong opinion. Some love it while many others hate it, but either way, fans feel very passionate about its story, setting, and characters. Over the years, the series’ two protagonists, Kirito and Asuna, have become some of the most loved and hated characters of all time.

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Given his role as a blank slate, it’s not hard to see why many don’t care about Kirito. But as for Asuna, she actually has a lot more going for her. She has a definite personality that many have fallen in love with, and while her powers are amazing, she never feels so good. unnecessarily overpowered like Kirito.

6/10 Subaru endures more pain than anyone

Re: zero

Natsuki Subaru from Re Zero lying on the ground with tears streaming down his face

It’s not uncommon for isekai protagonists to be blindly hated by anime fans, with many viewing them as bland self-inserts with no sympathy whatsoever. For these reasons and more, Re: zeroSubaru Natsuki has become one of the most hated isekai heroes. He’s often mistaken for a simple, boring protagonist cast in a wish-fulfilling role, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

It may not look like much, but Subaru has incredible inner strength. Thanks to his death return ability, he endures some of the most horrific suffering of all isekai protagonists. Considering everything he’s been through, his willingness to persevere for the sake of his friends is nothing short of admirable and proves that he deserves much more credit from the fans.

5/10 Kagome improves steadily throughout the series


Kagome prepares her bow and arrow for Inuyasha

Inuyasha is a beloved shonen classic, and while the titular hero has many adoring fans, the same can’t be said for the series’ main protagonist, Kagome Higurashi. From the start, many have considered Kagome to be one of the least likable characters in the main cast. After all, at the start of the series, she looks more like dead weight than anything.

Kagome can’t really fight at first, so she ends up having to be rescued by Inuyasha most of the time. Although she is a frustrating heroine at first, Kagome improves dramatically throughout the series. In the end, she is a strong and capable part of the team who deserves as much respect as the other heroes of the series.

4/10 Kaneki Ken is first seen as a weakling

tokyo ghoul

Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul

Kaneki Ken is probably one of the most popular anime protagonists of all time, but that wasn’t always the case. The tokyo ghoul The hero started out just an ordinary human, and most fans weren’t a fan of him. To this day, many still view the pre-ghoul Kaneki as a weak, whiny whiner. Almost everyone prefers his awesome budding ghoul form.

While it’s undeniable that Kaneki only gets cooler as the series progresses, his character from the start of the series deserves just as much attention and love. Considering his situation, it honestly makes sense that Kaneki was so distraught and weak in the beginning, so fans can’t really blame him. No matter what form he takes, however, he’s still the same Kaneki at heart, and fans should appreciate him anyway.

3/10 Mikasa is reduced to a love interest

The attack of the Titans

Mikasa Ackerman confesses to Eren in Attack on Titan.

Of all the characters in The attack of the Titans, Mikasa Ackerman is one of the few to receive the most hate from fans. This is mostly due to his unwavering love and loyalty to series protagonist Eren Yeager. No matter the atrocities committed by Eren, Mikasa refuses to turn against himand her blind love leaves many fans frustrated.

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Mikasa often feels like nothing more than a love interest, but that couldn’t be further from the case. Mikasa has a lot to offer on her own. She is a capable warrior and a vital member of the Survey Corps. Without her, the team is incomplete.

2/10 Sakura Haruno Isn’t As Useless As She Looks


Sakura Haruno releases Creation Rebirth Seal in Naruto Shippuden.

Everyone has heard over and over again that Sakura Haruno from the hit shonen series naruto is one of the most evil and useless characters of all time. She is probably one of the most hated characters throughout the series, even more than the villains. While it’s easy to write off her accomplishments compared to her teammates, to say she’s completely useless isn’t entirely true.

Sakura may not be at divine strength level, but she still displays awesome power. On top of that, she gets a lot more character development than most are willing to give her credit for, and by the end of the series, she’s a much stronger and more mature kunoichi than ever before.

1/10 Shinji Ikari Is A Better Protagonist Than Fans Think

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Shinji Pilots Eva Unit 13

Of all the anime protagonists, Neon Genesis EvangelionShinji Ikari’s is probably one of the most controversial. Ever since the very first series, Shinji has been hated by fans of the franchise, with many believing him to be one of the worst protagonists of all time.

It’s true that Shinji is far from the usual anime hero. He is weak, scared, and often unwilling to join in the fight. However, this just shows that Shinji is human. His reactions to the chaotic world around him are very realistic, which makes him feel closer and real. Despite his flaws, Shinji is a much better protagonist than most give him credit for.

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