10 anime characters who could lift Thor’s hammer


The realm of Japanese animation is teeming with an amazing variety of colorful and exciting characters, especially action stars in the shonen and seinen adventure series. In many ways, these characters are similar to superheroes from the Marvel and DC comics, and many of them would feel at home in the MCU or the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Some anime characters might join the Avengers or help Tony Stark develop new technology, while others might try to lift Thor’s hammer and wield his power for themselves. However, the requirements are a bit abstract and vary from story to story, but overall a worthy wearer will have a courageous and pure heart and will always put the needs of others ahead of themselves. Only a few anime characters will qualify.

ten All Might is the symbol of peace (My Hero Academia)

All Might My Hero Academia

Incredible physical strength and superhero status aren’t absolutely necessary to wield Mjolnir, but it’s a good start nonetheless, and the invincible All Might completes this package with a heroic heart truly worthy of lifting the hammer of. Thor Against the Dark Arts.

All Might is the symbol of peace not only because he is strong, but because he has sworn to stand up for peace, justice and the innocent against evil at the risk of his own life every day. This hero will gladly carry the world on his shoulders for the good of all, and that makes him worthy.

9 Thors only fights for others (Vinland Saga)

Thor Vinland saga

Thors was once a proud Jomsviking warrior, but eventually grew tired of unnecessary and miserable bloodshed, so he faked his death and escaped this life with his new wife, Helga. Thors settled on the Icelandic coast with his new family.

Years later, Thors is still strong and can take down dozens of men with his bare hands. But, more importantly, he will willingly give his life to protect others from harm, family or not, and he will not fight for money or fame. He also understands that strength in itself is meaningless, and a person doesn’t really have enemies, only friends.

8 Captain Akitaru Obi risks his life for millions (Fire Force)

fire force akitaru obi

8th Company Captain Akitaru Obi doesn’t actually have his own ignition ability, but it looks like he doesn’t need it either. He works hard to keep himself in good physical condition and bravely confronts the Infernals and white-clad cultists to protect the entire Japanese Empire. He has a strong sense of duty that few can match.

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Akitaru’s selfless courage is exactly what Thor’s hammer needs from its wearer, and Obi would willingly risk his life or give it up entirely to save the world from a second great cataclysm. He will need Mjolnir to take down the Evangelist and his minions once and for all.

7 Erza Scarlet has a heroic heart (Fairy Tail)

erza ​​fight

Erza Scarlet is an S-ranked witch in the Fairy Tail Guild, and from childhood she has been an incredibly courageous and heroic person who will face all obstacles for the sake of others. She led the great escape of the Tower of Heaven project and then joined the Fairy Tail guild to continue her adventure.

Erza is not only a fierce wizard in combat, but a selfless one who has pushed herself to the absolute limit for the sake of her guild mates, and when everyone supports her in spirit, she knows no fear or hesitation. , even against Kyoka. She has a personal attachment to Jellal Fernandez, but she could possibly give it up if she needs Mjolnir to save the world.

6 Jonathan Joestar gave his life to stop Dio (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Jonathan Joestar was the first Joestar hero to appear, and he was the star of Ghost blood narrative arc. Jonathan considered himself a true gentleman, and it’s easy to see why. He will not hesitate to take danger to protect others, and he also never has hatred or wickedness in his heart. Only duty.

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Jonathan learned Hamon’s ways to confront Dio Brando, and he gave his life to stop Dio one last time. Jonathan has set the bar incredibly high for all of Joestar’s heroes, and he’s probably the only one who can lift Mjolnir.

5 Commander Erwin Smith bravely faced the Titans (Attack On Titan)

Attack on Titan Erwin stands tall

Commander Erwin Smith was leading the Boy Scouts and he had earned the full respect of Captain Levi Ackerman, which is not easy to do. Erwin Smith has always had what it takes to be a great leader and fighter, and even when he lost an arm to the Titans, all he could think of was rallying his troops to keep the battle going.

In many ways, Erwin Smith is the Captain America of The attack of the Titans, a noble and courageous leader with an unwavering determination and conviction to do the right thing. All of this means that he could definitely pick up Mjolnir and crush Titans with it.

4 Kyojuro Rengoku gave his life for the sake of duty (Demon Slayer)

Rengoku uses a flame breathing technique

Kyojuro Rengoku was the Flame Hashira, a swordsman who uses fierce fire-based attacks to aggressively slash demons without mercy. He also had a cheerful and spirited personality to match his element, but he was never reckless or arrogant about it. He was surprisingly humble in so many ways.

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For Kyojuro Rengoku, duty was everything, and he would rather die to a demon than become one to save his own life. He had the courage, determination and selfless spirit to lift Thor’s hammer and demolish demons with it.

3 Avatar Roku fought for the whole world (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

2 Roku Avatar

In the Avatar cycle before Aang, Roku was a kind and selfless Firebender who did not exalt his nation above all others. His friend Prince Sozin felt differently. Once he became Fire Lord, Sozin aggressively spread the mighty Fire Nation across the world, and the Hundred Years War began.

Roku couldn’t accept this, despite being a native of the Fire Nation himself. He clashed with his friend to protect the world and later gave his life to help save the inhabitants of a volcanic island from a devastating eruption. Roku would give anything for the world without hesitation, and that makes him worthy of Mjolnir.

2 Minato Namikaze was the heroic yellow flash (Naruto)

The beloved Fourth Hokage, the young Minato Namikaze, was revered as the “Yellow Flash” and, like many anime characters worthy of lifting Mjolnir, he gave his life for the sake of his duty to others. To be Hokage is to be a brave leader who will risk everything to protect the village of Hidden Leaf.

Minato was a brilliant and courageous fighter who could use the Rasengan technique and the teleportation jutsu to overwhelm his enemies, and he risked everything to defend the village from the Nine-Tailed Fox and Madara Uchiha’s shenanigans. If only he had Mjolnir with him too.

1 King Arthur Fights for Camelot (The Seven Deadly Sins)

King Arthur Pendragon Seven Deadly Sins

King Arthur is an anime character loosely based on the same character from British myth, the great king of the Britons who defended his lands against Germanic invaders in the early Middle Ages. The Sins version of the character has an equally noble heart, and he is a beloved leader by many.

King Arthur often cooperates with the Seven Deadly Sins to defend Camelot and other lands from the Ten Commandments or other enemies, and he has the selfless courage to sacrifice his life, if need be, in defense of his subjects. He could surely lift Mjolnir if his trusty sword failed him.

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