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My hero university features an ensemble cast, with shonen protagonist Izuku Midoriya just one of the many fascinating characters in UA’s Class 1-A. All of these students come alive in the My hero university anime, with smooth animation and great voice acting.

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The highly talented voiceover cast brings characters to life, from Izuku voice actor Daiki Yamashita to Katsuki Bakugo voice actor Nobuhiko Okamoto. Meanwhile, icy Shoto Todoroki is voiced by highly prolific voice actor Yuki Kaji. Fans of Shoto Todoroki might want to check out Mr. Kaji’s roles in other animated series. There are many choices.

ten Terunori Kuga specializes in Chinese cuisine (Food Wars!: Shokugeki No Soma)

Soma Yukihira has many classic Shonen rivals to face in Totsuki’s elite school, such as the fierce Takumi Aldini and Terunori Kuga. When presented, Terunori Kuga was part of the Council of Ten, as the 8th seat. It can outperform almost any cooking student, Soma included.

Voice actor Yuki Kaji clearly had fun voicing this upbeat and happy character. Terunori has a cheerful but vicious attitude about almost everything. He calls Soma “Yukihira-chin” and gently teases him before any major competition. The two students clashed during the moon festival, Chinese food against Chinese food.

9 Speed-O-Sound Sonic is too quick to catch (One-Punch Man)

Speed ​​O Sound Sonic Smirk

Speed-O-Sound Sonic, as his villain name suggests, is one of the fastest characters in The man with a punch. In the eyes of ordinary villains like Hammerhead, Sonic is nothing more than a blur. In particular, a blur with a sword and a habit of beheading enemies.

Voice actor Yuki Kaji brought this nervous ninja to life with his cold but arrogant dialogue. At times he could scream in shock as he fought Saitama, showing the range of this character’s emotions as well as Mr. Kaji’s voice acting skills. Sonic won’t come down easily.

8 Takeshi Aiza is a piano genius (Your lie in April)

Takeshi aiza

Your lie in April is a beloved drama series about the power of music, hope and friendship. The young hero, Kosei Arima, grapples with serious personal baggage and emotional issues. His pain prevents him from hearing the notes of a piano. Kosei’s passion for music is almost dead.

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Kosei is not alone, however. He has a good friend in Kaori Miyazono, and a rival to push him, a blond boy named Takeshi Aiza, voiced by Yuki Kaji. Takeshi is an elite pianist, and he won’t rest until he can defeat Kosei in a fair musical duel. He can’t stand the idea of ​​his rival giving up.

seven Yukine is a human sword (Noragami)

Noragami - Yukine

Noragami is a supernatural monster hunter anime that should appeal to fans of Bleach, D. Gray-Man, and Demon slayer. This series depicts monstrous spirits called ayakashi roaming the world freely. It’s up to the gods to kill these beasts, and that includes the minor god Yato, who uses Yukine as a weapon.

Yukine is a dead human soul voiced by Yuki Kaji, a punk spirit who longs to know more about his mortal human life. For now, he will fight for Yato like a sword, but if Yato’s father can help him uncover his past, Yukine’s loyalty could be called into question.

6 Shu Maiko is a total goofball (Nisekoi)

shu maiko nisekoi

Nisekoi is a popular high school rom-com anime series starring Raku Ichijo, who must have a fake relationship with blonde tsundere Chitoge Kirisaki. Soon several girls enter the scene and vie for Raku’s heart, including Raku’s crush Kosaki Onodera.

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Along the way, Raku has a few friends to call in the midst of all of this chaos, including Shu Maiko voiced by Yuki Kaji. Unlike serious characters like Shoto and Takeshi Aiza, Shu is a total goofball and a major source of comedic relief. He and Shoto wouldn’t get along if they ever met.

5 Eren Yeager is a legendary hero turned villain (Attack on Titan)

Eren on the roof in AoT S4

The attack of the Titans is one of the biggest anime titles right now. AoT revolves around the gritty hero-turned-villain, Eren Yeager. Eren has always been a passionate and stubborn boy who will fight through thick and thin. This gets him in trouble against Bullies, Titans, and more.

From his cries of anger and cries of pain to his heartbreaking moments of tragedy and hardship, voice actor Yuki Kaji had to strain himself to bring the intense Eren Yeager to life. The end result was totally worth it.

4 Lyon Vastia is an ice cream wizard (Fairy Tail)

Shoto Todoroki isn’t the only ice-based character Yuki Kaji has voiced in his career. There’s also Lyon Vastia the Ice Sorcerer, who is also a member of the prestigious wizarding guild Lamia Scale, which has loose ties to the famous Fairy Tail guild. Both guilds participated in the Grand Magic Games tournament.

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Lyon and Gray Fullbuster go back a long way, having spent their childhood together learning the techniques of ice magic from their gracious master, Ur. Ur has since passed away, but Lyon and Gray remember her lessons well. She would be proud of the result of the two boys.

3 Koichi Hirose has a booth named Echoes (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Koichi stands next to Echoes which emits a green light

the The diamond is unbreakable story arc took place in Morioh Town in 1999, a Japanese town populated by many quirky and often dangerous booth users. Josuke Higashikata has his hands full with these villains, but at least he has JoBros like Okuyasu Nijimura and Koichi Hirose to back him up.

Koichi isn’t too keen on combat or bloodshed, but he will bravely use his ever-changing stand echoes to stand up to bullies and offenders to protect himself and Josuke. He also made a cameo appearance in the Golden Wind narrative arc, where he ran into Giorno Giovanna.

2 Naoya Nifuji is the sweet little brother (Wotakoi)

naoya nifuji wotakoi

Naoya Nifuji is the younger brother of Hirotaka Nifuji. The two brothers don’t seem to have much in common as far as Narumi Momose can tell. While Hirotaka is an introverted and hardcore gamer, Naoya is a lousy gamer with excellent relationship skills.

Voice actor Yuki Kaji helped bring this warm and charming young man to life with his voiceover. Any anime fan would find Naoya wonderfully endearing to watch as he befriends everyone around him. It even has a romantic subplot involving shy gamer Ko Sakuragi.

1 Sabito helped coach Tanjiro Kamado (Demon Slayer)

At the start of the Demon slayer series, hero Tanjiro Kamado pushed himself to train as a demon slayer so that he could defeat Muzan Kibutsuji and heal his demonic sister, Nezuko. At one point, Tanjiro hit a wall and he needed help from beyond the grave. Enter Sabito and Makomo.

Voice actor Yuki Kaji portrayed Sabito, a masked boy who once trained under Sakonji Urokodaki until he met his demise at the hands of the Hand Demon. The spirits of Sabito and Makoto remain at Sagiri Mountain, and they helped Tanjiro do the impossible and cut a huge boulder in half.

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