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In Nintendo’s famous video game franchise, Kirby can eat almost anyone and anything. The holder Kirby series has Kirby helping others as much as he eats them. For example, in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, he rescues captured Waddle Dees. As Kirby is an optimistic, kind and cheerful hero, he could befriend many people.

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Some anime characters would be happy to cook or eat with him, like Catarina Claes, Sayuri, and Yui. Others could be great allies for him in battle, like Pecorine and Bell Cranel. No matter what, Kirby can befriend and work with others. They could either save the day or go on some tasty adventures together.

ten Sayuri can bake candies for Kirby (Hello Sweet Patisserie)

Sayuri Bonjour Sweet Pastry

Sayuri acquires many love interests while studying at pastry school. She could also acquire a friend in Kirby. Since Kirby likes to eat all kinds of food, Sayuri can quickly befriend him. She can make him taste her creations.

Sayuri and Kirby might struggle to understand each other as Kirby doesn’t speak any specific language, but Kirby’s cheerfulness, good nature, and enthusiasm for food would make up for that. Sayuri would be happy to have another friend who can’t wait to try her new sweets, especially as she grows as a baker.

9 Marin Kitagawa shares Kirby’s enthusiasm and cheerfulness (My Dress-Up Darling)

sailor kitagawa My Dress Up Darling

Marin loves cute things and all kinds of fandom-related material. She and Kirby becoming friends is entirely possible. Marin could admire how adorable Kirby is while Kirby sticks by his side as a fun sidekick. Since Kirby can eat anyone and copy their powers and appearance, Kirby could use this power to try on outfits and model them for her.

This can help give her an idea of ​​what certain outfits might look like when put on a person. Kirby can also accompany her on outings when she eats food like meat-wrapped onigiri or support her when she tries out new cosplays.

8 Yui Nagomi loves food as much as Kirby (Delicious Party Pretty Cure)

Yui Nagomi eats in Delicious Party Pretty Cure

Yui Nagomi loves food, just like Kirby. Its transformation into Cure Precious is based on the consumption of rice balls (also called onigiri). Its main mission is to protect the Recipipis from Delicious Pretty Cure’s Party bad guys. Like Kirby, she is also an optimistic and energetic person.

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Kirby can also fight since he can eat enemies and copy their abilities. He can help Yui protect the Recipipis, as long as he doesn’t eat them by accident. He and Yui, along with Yui’s fellow Pretty Cures, can go on to save the day and their next meal from anyone who tries to defeat them.

7 Tetsuo Takahashi might try to study Kirby but he means well (Monster Girls interviews)

Takahashi Tetsuo interviews with Monster Girls

Tetsuo desires to study monster girls in Interviews with monster girls. But, he might be just as interested in studying Kirby. Kirby is nearly indestructible and can eat anyone and anything. Tetsuo would have fun trying to figure out who or what Kirby is.

Kirby, in return, is in good spirits. He will be happy to help Tetsuo with his research or to run simple errands for him. This partnership could run into trouble if Kirby accidentally eats Tetsuo’s work, but if Kirby avoids it, their working relationship can last a long time.

6 Bell Cranel and Kirby can fight enemies together (is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon?)

Bell Cranel aspires to protect others in Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon?. Bell’s abilities are further enhanced by his own emotions. Kirby is very similar to Bell, as he also aspires to protect others. The pair could team up and explore dungeons together.

They can also fight enemies and watch over each other and their loved ones in battle. Kirby has a wide range of abilities depending on who or what he eats and copies. This can give Kirby and Bell the opportunity to train together and prepare for possible future battles.

5 Aletta can serve Kirby as a regular customer (Restaurant in another world)

Restaurant Aletta in another world

In Restaurant to another world, Aletta works at Western Restaurant Nekoya every Saturday as a waitress. Despite being a demon, Aletta is cheerful and welcoming to everyone who enters the restaurant no matter what.

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Kirby loves to eat and, like Aletta, is also cheerful. His cheerful presence would bring a lot of business to the restaurant. If Aletta was friends with Kirby, that would guarantee her coming back for future visits. Kirby could also test all the new dishes the restaurant serves. This can help boost business further.

4 Chino might love Kirby’s roundness and sweetness (is order a rabbit?)

Chino usually has Tippy, her pet rabbit, sitting on her head. If Tippy needs a break, Kirby could be a good replacement. Kirby is small enough to fit on Chino’s head. However, there could be a problem if Kirby starts eating everything he sees. His relationship with Chino will be fine as long as Chino keeps him well fed and treats him kindly.

Chino has friends in Cocoa, Rize, co-workers, and classmates. However, having a friend in Kirby can help cheer him up on sad days. Kirby is so optimistic and kind that he might remind Chino Cocoa, who has similar traits.

3 Catarina Could Eat All The Holiday Food With Kirby (My Next Villain Life)

Catarina loves sweets

Catarina Claes loves to eat and she is the first person to go straight to the food tables at parties. Kirby could join her in indulging in delicious delicacies and they could become close friends and bond over food. Although Catarina has little magical power, Kirby has a wide range of abilities and could help defend Catarina if they ever find themselves in danger.

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Catarina can reward him by giving him more candies or the crops she has grown on her farm. Kirby can also help Catarina create more crops or cook with her, as long as he doesn’t eat everything he sees. Kirby can also help distract his love interests with his cute appearance. This is useful if she ever needs a break from being by their side.

2 Pecorine would let Kirby join the Foodie Guild (Princess Connect! Re:Dive)

Pecorine, Princess Connect!  Re: Diving

Princess Connect! Re: Diving Pecorine likes to eat food. Her powers require her to eat food to recover all the energy she uses in battle. Like Kirby, Pecorine is a great swordswoman and she is also kind, cheerful, and optimistic. Before teaming up to take down enemies together, Pecorine could let Kirby join the Foodie Guild as a member.

Kirby has a wide range of abilities depending on who he eats and what powers he copies. He could help Pecorine and the rest of the Gourmet Guild win battles in a heartbeat. In return, Pecorine and the rest of the Gourmet Guild could let Kirby live with them in their shared home.

1 Syalis would use Kirby to help find sleeping supplies (Sleepy Princess In The Demon Castle)

Syalis makes a pillow.

Syalis has the entire demon castle at his mercy in Sleeping princess in demon castle. She can’t be stopped every time she comes out of her cell and looks for sleeping supplies. She and Kirby could team up to find the perfect nap supplies.

Kirby is so soft and cozy that Syalis might mistake him for a pillow when first meeting him. However, Kirby is energetic, full of life, and resourceful enough to help Syalis find what she needs. Syalis, in turn, might reward Kirby by giving him food or brushing him like she does with demonic teddy bears.

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