10 Anime Characters Faster Than Tenya Iida From My Hero Academia


my hero academia is a hit shonen anime series where each costumed hero and professional villain has a super power, known as Quirk – unique gifts they can use in battle. These quirks range from Sero’s elbow tape to Momo’s creative ability to Izuku’s One For All power. On the other hand, bookish Tenya Iida is all about speed, thanks to his Engine Quirk.

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From the start, Tenya Iida was the fastest hero in Class 1-A, and he only got faster with his Recipro Turbo technique seen in the Joint Training story arc. But while Tenya may be a lightning-fast runner and kick-focused hero, a handful of anime characters are even faster than him, either with short bursts of movement or sustained sprints. . They have to go fast, and they will leave Tenya in the dust.

ten Minato Namikaze is the Yellow Flash (Naruto)

The famous “Yellow Flash”, Minato Namikaze, ranks among the fastest ninjas in Leaf Village, and indeed, he is one of the fastest anime characters of all time. He was once the young Fourth Hokage and the inventor of the Rasengan jutsu, but his speed is what he’s best known for.

Minato would be impressed with Tenya’s speed-based taijutsu, but there’s no way Tenya could actually beat Minato in a race. With his limit teleportation speed and extreme agility, Minato can outrun Tenya in any physical contest and show him how it’s done.

9 Yoruichi Shihoin is the goddess of flash (Bleach)

Rogue Soul Reaper Yoruichi Shihoin is the Minato Namikaze of the Bleach universe, an adorable heroine known for her extreme speed and close combat techniques. She can’t use the Rasengan, but Yoruichi has shunko and the fastest lightning step ever on her side.

Yoruichi is simply untouchable when she gets serious with her no flash, earning her the title “Goddess of Flash”. She’s about on par with Minato himself, and either could leave running hero Tenya Iida in the dust. An impressed Tenya would definitely ask Yoruichi to train him.

8 Speed-O-Sound Sonic only loses to Saitama himself (One-Punch Man)

Speed-O-Sound Sonic is another speedy anime character named after his extreme speed. He is a villainous ninja who maintains a one-sided rivalry with the bald-capped hero Saitama, and he only loses in speed contests against Saitama himself. Otherwise, he is too quick to catch up.

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Sonic can slaughter an entire platoon of enemy troops before they even know what’s going on, and even Saitama and Genos are impressed with Sonic’s mobility. Tenya Iida may be fast when he casts this Quirk, but he’s not quite on Sonic’s level yet.

seven Laxus Dreyar moves like lightning (Fairy Tail)

Most wizards in the Fairy Tail guild are better known for their unique magical skills and hard-hitting attacks than their speed, but they’re hardly slow in battle. One example is the lightning dragon slayer Laxus Dreyar, who indeed can move as fast as lightning itself.

Laxus can both hit incredibly hard and move fast enough to dodge a near enemy attack, making him nearly unbeatable in mortal combat. He can even convert his whole body into living lightning and move across the battlefield at incredible speed, something Tenya Iida certainly can’t do.

For the most part, the oversized homunculus named Sloth is slow and predictable, and easy to deal with if his enemies don’t fight him on his own terms. But if Sloth has his back to the wall, this lazy homunculus will reluctantly use his best weapon: his incredible speed.

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Sloth can move with amazing speed, shocking even Olivier and Alex Armstrong when they fought him at Central HQ. Sloth can move so fast that he can’t see or control his movements. And while Tenya has a lot more control over his movements, he can’t quite match Sloth’s raw speed as he is now.

5 Demon lord Milim has dragonoid speed (that time I was reincarnated as a slime)

The merry Demon Lord Milim Nava emphasizes his strength and Drago Nova techniques more than his actual speed in battle, but his mobility should not be underestimated. Milim ranks among the most powerful beings in this entire isekai world, with his abilities far surpassing anything a human can handle.

With his natural Dragonoid strength and speed, not to mention his battle form’s wings, Milim can easily outrun Tenya Iida in any fight and take him by surprise. Not even Recipro Burst or Turbo can match Milim’s lightning-fast moves in serious combat.

4 Borsalino moves like light (One Piece)

Navy Admiral Borsalino, sometimes known as Kizaru, is one of many A play characters who can move with incredible speed, alongside the swordsman Dracule Mihawk and a few others. In particular, Borsalino ate the Brill-Brill Fruit, granting him the power of light itself.

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Borsalino can use all sorts of light-based techniques in battle, including slamming or blinding enemies with dazzling beams of light. He can also physically move at the speed of light, kicking that no one can ever see coming. He easily ranks among the fastest characters in anime, leaving Tenya Iida in the dust.

3 Shinra Kusakabe can also move at the speed of light (Fire Force)

Under ordinary circumstances, fire soldier hero Shinra Kusakabe cannot move at the speed of light, though he is still remarkably mobile with his kick-based Devil’s Footprints ability. But when the Adolla Grace grants him a power boost, Shinra can fight like never before.

Shinra first did this when he and his mean little brother Sho formed an Adolla Bond, and with this power Shinra can move at the speed of light. That’s what it took to take on his mighty brother and survive, and it’s more than Tenya Iida could ever handle with his Engine Quirk.

2 Kisho Arima is fast for a human (Tokyo Ghoul)

CCG’s elite investigator Kisho Arima is probably only a little faster than melee hero Tenya Iida, but he has much better reflexes, as his many battles against powerful ghouls suggest. Kisho Arima has always been a talented prodigy and he has single-handedly taken down hundreds of ghouls, even S- or SS-rated ones.

Kisho can dodge even the fastest and deadliest techniques without obvious effort, which even Tenya Iida failed to do. It’s likely that Tenya could beat Kisho in a long distance sprint, but up close Kisho has the superior moves and could show Tenya how it’s really done.

1 Zenitsu Agatsuma Practices Thunder Breathing (Demon Slayer)

By default, the Demon Slayer named Zenitsu Agatsuma cannot move as fast as Tenya Iida, and even lacks Tenya’s courage and daring in battle. But if Zenitsu falls asleep, he can use his thunder breath and show Tenya Iida what a fast warrior can really do.

Like Laxus Dreyar, Zenitsu has a theme of thunder and lightning, and lightning is always symbolic of speed and quickness. When Zenitsu’s true power kicks in, his thunder breath attacks are too quick to handle even the most elite demons, and Zenitsu can kill an enemy before anyone knows what’s going on.

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