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WvW Beginner Guide – Overview – Guild News

  • contents
  • 1. Overview
  • 2. Objects and scoring
  • 3. Siege weapons
  • 4. Eternal Battlegrounds
  • 5. Border countries
  • 6. On the way in the Zerg
  • 7. Roaming
  • 8. traps and tricks


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This little guide is about an introduction to the world-versus-world system. In doing so, we will discuss the basic aspects of this game area and explain a little bit. It is important to note that this should serve as an introduction to the topic. This beginner guide does not cover all aspects of the WvW world and is only intended to explain the basics.

Basics: objects and scoring
Here we will deal with the structural development of WvW and lay the foundations for successful participation.

Basics: Siege weapons
In order for anything to happen in WvW, you need several weapons. These can be used for offensive, but also for defensive purposes. Here we deal with the procurement, the good use and the ins and outs of these weapons.

The Eternal Battlegrounds
Here we deal directly with the central map in the mists. Here are some aspects of how to defend some assets and look at the mechanics of the map.

The borderlands
All border countries have the same structure. So this is about the structural commonality of the cards, the objects and certain idiosyncrasies.

Together we are strong – on the way in the Zerg
There are certain principles to stick to if you want to successfully play WvW. Here are some rules explained. So it’s about the right fighting behavior, offensive and defensive, but also about the extremely important scouting.

A special aspect of the WvW is the small group roaming. You run alone, or in a 2-5-man group, over the map and tries to disturb the opponent at crucial points in order to help his own zerg.