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Tips and Tricks: Daily Mystic Smith

The daily achievements reward you not only in the small meta-success (3 daily successes) with 10 success points, 2 gold and a ghost shard, but every single success for itself lends you smaller items. For example, Daily Collectors will give you more collection materials, PvP and WvW achievements reward you with more progress in the Reward Paths, and many PvE achievements give extra karma. 

Daily Success: “Mystic Blacksmith”

However, there is a special success that you should definitely take with you. It’s the Daily Mystic Smith who rewards you with a Mystic Coin once you use the forge. You can do this with random items that you have in inventory right now, or you can buy 4 green sigils or 4 green runes for a few copper and upgrade them.

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The achievement is not only completed within a few seconds at one of the blacksmiths in the game, but he also ensures that more Mystical coins come into play again. So do not miss the chance to intervene in the market happening a little bit!

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