Time travel – Löwenstein

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In our new “Time Travel” project, we look back on four and a half years of Guild Wars 2 and tell you stories or show you special events that the old veterans will remember and that the newer players will not even know. The project should be implemented in cooperation with you. We are therefore happy about every screenshot and every story you would like to share with us.

In the first issue, we looked at the Guild Wars 2 Beta and this time it’s about the capital, Lion’s Arch. There, we look at the changes in Guild Wars 2 history, from its origins, through its destruction, to its rebuilding.

For the upcoming issues, we have already considered the following topics:

  • The property system through the ages
  • Daily Achievements – Earlier and Today
  • The PvP

If you would like to contribute to any of these three topics, just send an email to: [email protected] . The images used in this article are from us, the NerdyBookahs , the community members Kim and Jenny, the Guildwiki, the official website, and the daysintyria website.

The pirate city Löwenstein

After the flood of Löwenstein by the awakening of the ancient dragon Zhaitan, the city was rebuilt by pirates. Wrecks of old ships and washed-up flotsam were used. Only the fortress of the city, which was also the headquarters of the leader Cobiah Marriner, was built of stone. The city was characterized by winding streets and tall buildings, some of which could only be reached via complicated paths and makeshift scaffolding. The city had something of a smuggling test and did not reflect the classic capital.

 The war with Scarlet

At the end of Living World Season 1, in February 2014 of our time, the Sylvari Scarlet Dornstrauch attacked Löwenstein with airships. Although the city was prepared for sieges over land (thanks to high cliffs) and from the sea (claw island and harbor protection), but not for a fight in the air. Quick Scarlet conquered with her ship Bruchbringer and the drill used there, the city and attacked the Ley-Linien node within the port. During the conquest many well-known personalities of the city ( By Ogden’s Hammer what Savings ) died and many buildings were completely destroyed.


The destroyed Lion’s Arch

After beating Scarlet’s attack and defeating the sylvari himself, the city remained in ruins for a long time. From March 2014 to June 2015 of our time, the city was a single ruin. To the chagrin of many players began in August 2014 even the dragon Mordremoth to rain, which destroyed the waymark at Fort Marriner ado and forced the players to detours. There were temporarily set up traders and craft shops.



In May of 2015 began the reconstruction of the city. This was announced by a small patch, the first construction has brought into play.


On the 23rd of June the reconstruction was officially finished and the city got the look it still bears today. Many refer to it as a bathing or island paradise thanks to the various sea creatures and no longer as the capital. While the reconstruction has been well received by some players, others may wish to return to the pirate theme.


The airport

With the second quarterly patch in 2016, the airport was opened, the Löwenstein on the one hand to help build an air fleet and in the fight against enemies from the air and on the other hand serve as a raid lobby for the players.


Bonus: The Moa race

At this point, we remember an event that has existed in Löwenstein for several years. This is the Moa race in the east of the city, which we visited in our first 12-hour stream and our GoodBye Löwenstein Event. We commemorate the departed Moas Mortt, Motti, Meep and Monna.

Bonus: Ladescreens over time


Bonus: GoodBye Löwenstein Event

Prior to the destruction of Löwenstein, we organized a farewell party together with our community.