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Time Travel – Achievements Past and Present

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March article : In our “Time Travel” project, we look back on four and a half years of Guild Wars 2, telling you stories or showing you special events that the old veterans will remember and that the newer players will not even know. The project should be implemented in cooperation with you. We are therefore happy about every screenshot and every story you would like to share with us.

In the first issue, we looked at the features of the Guild Wars 2 Beta , the Second Lion’s Arch, and the third . This time it’s about the topic of success, how the interface and how the daily successes have changed.

The images used in this article are from us and the GuildWiki.

The changes in the menu

For the release of Guild Wars 2, the success interface looked quite different than it is today. There was no proper watchlist, the progress of the achievements was shown in bars, there were no login rewards and of course significantly fewer categories than today. The progress bar also forced you to scroll more, as you could not show two successes side by side.

At this point in time, there were no rewards for achieving achievement points, and therefore no Zenith weapons or the two sets of armor.


The first major customizations were with the feature patch in April 2014, which included the summary, the watchlist, and an adjustment in the categories. Since this patch, the achievements are no longer displayed as bars and the reward boxes with new skins have been integrated into the game.


The last major change related to the menu was introduced on December 16, 2014. These are the daily login rewards that have received a very conspicuous place in the successes. In between, and then there were always adjustments to the categories, but the basic structure has changed nothing.


Daily and monthly successes 2012

In the original version in 2012, there were only four daily and four monthly successes. For the daily successes one had to:

  • Defeat 5/8/11/15 different types of enemies (1/0/0/1 Success Points)
  • 10/30/60 defeat enemies (1/0/1 success points)
  • 3/10/20 collecting raw materials (1/0/1 success points)
  • 1/3/5 Complete Events (1/1/1 Success Points)

All in all, you could earn 9 points of success, a little karma and 42% of a new level. For the monthly successes you had to complete the following things:

  • Defeat 50 players in WvW
  • Participate in 100 events
  • To recycle 500 items
  • Gain 100,000 experience without dying

Daily and monthly achievements 2013

Daily achievements from January to March 2013

From January to March 2013, there were 5 daily out of a pool of 7 achievements that rewarded you with a total of 25 success points. During this period, the most effective way to earn success points was to earn only 9 and later a maximum of 10 points per day. The choices were:

  • 15 different enemy types
  • 60 kills in total
  • 25 underwater killings
  • 10 kills through combos
  • Collect 20 items
  • 5 events
  • Craft 10 items about the craft

From March 2013

In March 2013, some changes were made to the successes. There have been daily successes, daily PvP achievements, monthly achievements, and monthly PvP successes (see menu image # 1). For every completed daily success, there were 5% experience points and one achievement point. For the completion of five daily successes, there was a mystic coin, a laurel, a bit of karma, 5% experience, a little silver depending on the level of the character and with luck a transmutation stone (then no charge) and the usual black lion Items (Bank Express, Merchant, Trading Post, Blacksmith’s Stone).

There were always 9 out of a total of 20 successes, some of which differed significantly from today’s:

  • For the newcomer, for example, you had to climb one level (even beyond 80)
  • You had to play Personal Story
  • Resuscitate allies
  • Defeat a champion
  • Successfully avoid attacks
  • Spend karma
  • Recycle items

PvP achievements

In PvP, however, there were the same successes every day. You had

  • Conquer 3 points
  • Play 3 matches
  • Defeat 5 enemies
  • To get a top stat

At the completion of all achievements, there was an Arcane Chip and a Glory Boost.

Monthly achievements

The monthly achievements were also adjusted with the patch in March 2013. The big reward consisted of 20 mystic coins, two essences of luck (each 500 luck), 10 laurels, 50 silver and a karma bottle. In addition to the already well-known successes defeating 50 players in WvW, participating in 100 events and recycling 500 items, the following new achievements have been added:

  • Complete 20 group events
  • Complete 12 puzzles
  • Complete 4 daily meta-achievements
  • Complete 10 fractals
  • Complete 10 different dungeons
  • Collect 40 skill points
  • Win 20 fights in PvP

However, the survival part was removed compared to earlier. There have also been seasonal monthly successes related to the Living World.

Daily and monthly achievements 2014

Feature Patch

The feature patch in April 2014 merged the daily PvE and PvP achievements and added many new achievements, including Veteran Butcher, Conditioner, and Condition Breaker, many new achievements in WvW (Conqueror, Repairman, Master of Ruins ) and many new ones in PvP (victories in the solo arena, victories in the team arena). As a reward for five daily successes you got now also essences of luck and with a lot of luck black lion keys and boxes full of fun.

Login Rewards

Monthly achievements were not touched by the feature patch in April, but disabled with the introduction of login rewards. The December 2014 was the last month in which you could complete the successes. While there used to be a maximum cap of 10,000 points of success through daily and 5,000 through monthly successes, these were combined with the patch to total 15,000 points of success.

Also the daily successes in general have changed. This patch introduced the system that we still use today. The achievements themselves are no longer points, but there is a small reward chest per success. In addition, there is the daily completer, which rewards us with 10 points of success and 3 ghost shards. It was not until some time after the change, in April 2016, that the 2 Gold were introduced as an additional reward.