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Question of the Week: Battle Royale in Guild Wars 2

We have already reported in a news report that developer Ben Phongluantham spoke to a streamer in chat. There he talked about new PvP cards that are under development, and also about the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčintegrating Battle Royale into the game, which is currently being discussed internally. That is exactly what our question of the week should be about.

What does Battle Royale look like in Guild Wars 2?


This time there is no classic questionnaire, but we would like to incorporate your wealth of ideas in our discussions. But let us first clarify the question:

What is Battle Royale?

In this game mode, it’s all about survival and exploration in a multiplayer death match. You need to collect resources of various forms (such as weapons, armor, possibly also food and remedies), hide and keep moving to defeat the other players by means of the surprise moment in combat. As a backdrop, preference is given to slaughterhouses and orphaned ruins of any shape. These could be, for example, ghost towns or abandoned, well-known ruins that could fit into the history of Guild Wars 2.

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We already have a classic sPvP section, but also in the events again and again PvP adventure modes that are thematically adjusted. A classic is the fight for survival in the Bay of the South Light. Currently, the grumble of the Grim Reaper has returned. That’s why we want to know from you:

Which Battle Royale scenario would you like to have? How should this look? Which functions do you want? In which scenario could this be located? Everyone against each other or teams fighting each other? And above all, do we really need that? Let your creativity run wild, but keep in mind what the builds of each class allow and condition. Do not forget Tyria and the story that is lived there. We appreciate your ideas and are curious to see what versions you would like to see and you want to see implemented in Guild Wars 2.