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Guide: Labyrinth of the Mad King – Farming Tips

Halloween 2018 is coming up and this year will be the focus of the Labyrinth of the Mad King. There, players farm trick-or-treat bags, collect achievements, or level characters. In this post we would like to give you some tips on farming. A general overview of the labyrinth can be found in our Halloween Guide .

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Labyrinth of the Mad King – Tips for Farming

The aim of farming is to hit as many opponents as possible. However, in order for all players to enjoy the farm, the opponents should not be defeated too fast. In Reddit , the user has collected Novuake’s Labyrinth tips that we’ve been following.

1. Reduce your equipment

In the Labyrinth we try to hit as many opponents as possible, but do not want to do too much damage. You can choose not to use your jewelry or your armor to reduce your attributes. In some groups it is traditional to take off pants and breast parts.

2. Does not open doors without the zerg

To get as much loot as possible, the events should be scaled up as high as possible. In addition, all should get something from the opponents. Therefore, you should not open any doors without the Zerg being nearby. It’s best to just let your commander start the events!

3. Complete your own activities elsewhere

If a commander is on the map and you think about going off alone and opening doors or making events, then try to find another map. Try not to sabotage the zerg.

4. Help your teammates

This help includes both haste for allies, as well as revival. Also, you should not kick individual opponents out of the group, for example, with skills that cause setback. Note: Level-ups also cause setbacks and these are usually unwanted!

5. bosses

Farming is most effective in the labyrinth without tackling the bosses. If you should attack them, think of CC and reflection. Both are especially useful for the bosses.

6. Do something useful by the way

Farms are not necessarily exciting. But the maze makes it so easy for you to be able to do many useful things along the way. Watch series or our podcast or sit down with friends in the TS.

7. Have fun!

The last point is self-explanatory!

Class tips for the labyrinth

In this section, we’d like to give you a few general tips for each class to help you get more relaxed in the labyrinth. The main target is AoE damage to hit as many opponents as possible at the door events. Also movement speed to keep up with the Zerg, is not unimportant.


  • The sigil Fire and speed help with damage and keeping up with the group


  • Shortbow, because this weapon is the easiest way to hit multiple enemies
    • Car attack jumps
    • Sliver Bomb (# 2) is an AoE skill
    • Arrow of Infiltrator (# 5) is good for mobility
  • Daredevil as an elite specialization to be even more mobile and do damage to multiple enemies with the Dodge role


  • Dagger / Warhorn and Stormbote as Elite
    • F3 overload on the doors
  • Staff Weaver, with Lava Fountain, Meteor Shower and Glyph of Storms


  • Flamethrower to hit as many enemies as possible
    • Alternatively grenade kit, but is a bit slower
  • Holo smith as elite specialization


  • Berserker with Longbow and Greatsword
    • Meets most opponents relaxed


  • Greatsword Car Attack hits three targets
    • Mirror Blade (# 2) jumps from opponent to opponent
    • Mind Sting (# 3) hits 5 targets
    • Please refrain from illusionary wave (# 5)!


  • Pestbringer has many AoE skills
  • Stab as a weapon also causes AoE damage


  • Rebel, Foliant 1 Skill # 1 hits 5 targets in front of you
    • Feature “Renewed Justice” from the Aura line resets the recharge time of the foliation
  • Staff and scepter / torch with many AoE skills as an alternative


  • Ax / Torch as weapons, traps skills for more AoE
    • The ax jumps over multiple targets and the torch provides for an AoE field
  • Jakaranda as animal companions also bring AoE


  • Short-bowed apostles and Mallyx skills for AoE
  • Alternatively Hammer Reclaimer with “Vengeful Hammers” as a skill