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Ghostly Events – First Signs of the Living World 4? – Update – Guild news

Update November 13 : In the meantime, a few more things have been found out. When talking to the Necromancer in Death Valley Lodge in the Queens Valley after interacting with the corpse, you get the following dialogue:

Do you know anything about the body nearby: a necromancer. He followed a call, as he wrote. Dark things were on his trail. It does not surprise me that he is dead now

There is also speculation about a Lich lady who appeared in Guild Wars 1 in 2011. She was in Droknar’s smithy and many players thought she should become part of the Guild Wars Beyond story (between GW1 and GW2). But nothing happened to her anymore, she only stood around during the Halloween event and then disappeared. Maybe this is the “red lady”?



News November 10th : As we wait for the release of Living World 4, something is happening in the wicked swamp and in the gate of the Reaper. Corpses have surfaced, probably placed there with the latest patch on Tuesday. What is certain is that they did not come into play until after the release of Path of Fire, as different players would have discovered the corpses before they discovered the cards.

This reddit thread made us aware. After that, we went to search for ourselves, summarize everything important and of course like to speculate with you.

The corpses

When interacting with the corpse in the ungodly swamp in the kings valley near the heroic point, we can read the following text:

This person seems to have succumbed to a series of puncture wounds. Who could have done that or what the murderers might have attracted remains unclear

So unspectacular. The dialogue becomes more interesting if you are a necromancer:

Judging by the different necromantic energies emanating from the wounds of his corpse, this priest seems to have been attacked by an unusually aggressive group of undead skeletons


Here are two interesting aspects. First, it is no longer a person, but a priest. On the other hand, he was not attacked by simple opponents, but by skeletons. Also exciting is the fact that a ghost flies in the direction of the body when the shadow behemoth has been defeated.


But not only in the royal valley a corpse has appeared. At the gate of the reaper, a place with a Grenth statue, someone is also in exactly the same position. As a necromancer you get the most information here as well:

The body of this priest not only has ax wounds, but was torn to pieces by skeletons with claws. Traces of the underworld and powerful necromancy are clearly visible.

Examine Corpse: You find a chronicle that the priest clings to. Because of the blood stains you can decipher nothing except a few words and the initials “DS”

Read Diary: Talk to me in a dream … the red lady … .Allies … follow the call


The body also contains mysterious skeletons that seem to drop Halloween items.

First clues

First, the question arises, who the red lady is. We first came to Livia, who used to wear red clothes in Guild Wars 1 and is also a necromancer. Meanwhile, she is only in the armor of the Shining Blade on the way and somehow she does not fit in the current story, because she has said goodbye with the conclusion of the Living World Season 3. The mysterious spirit that drives into the corpse after defeating the Shadow Behemoth is red. So whether the red lady is already dead?

Further, we do not know what the initials “DS” mean. It could be a person, a medal, a group or a place. In Reddit, the Point of Interest “Deathroot Shack” was discussed in the Godless Swamp, but in German it is unfortunately called the Death Roots Hut and would not match our text accordingly.

Edit: Community member Eyora has alerted us to the official font for Grenth. This refers to Desmina, to whom the initials DS might apply. She was Grenth’s first devotee and could be the person looking for allies.

Then Desmina despised and cast out by her people came. And in their grief and misery, Desmina cursed the gods for giving up all those who, like themselves, admired power and ambition.

And she asked, “Where is the God to whom I can dedicate myself in everlasting devotion? Where is the God from whom I can seek revenge against all those who despise me? “

And it shook the earth deep beneath her and with a terrible crunch a crack opened up. The ground became white with frost and ice, and the frozen earth spit out the rotting, bony servants of Grenth.

Then the god himself appeared to her and welcomed the girl in his flock with outstretched bones. And he said, “I am your God. Follow me, wherever I lead you, come whenever I call you, and I make you mistress over the rotting carcasses of the dead. “

And Desmina swore allegiance to her death and beyond, becoming the first devotee of God. Writings by Grenth

Speculation about the course of the story

What could this all mean? On the one hand, the departure of the god Grenth could have caused chaos in the underworld. The guardian and also a statement of the developers confirm this theory. The wicked swamp and the gate of the reaper are closely related to the underworld. Are the creatures trying to break free and attack Tyria?

The former god Dhuum , who was overthrown by Grenth and held in the underworld, could have benefited the most from the disappearance. He could be the one who has freed himself from his prison and now either wants to take control of the world or even take revenge on the followers of Grenth. This would be the fact that so far two Grenth priests have died.

Palawa Joko could also play an important role here. He was last in transition to death and was held there by Balthasar. After Balthasar’s death, he could have freed himself and launched attacks from the underworld. However, this somewhat contradicts the skeletal statement, since Palawas Awakened are not really similar.

Another very exciting theory has set up community member Raggos. The Halloween NPCs say that the boundaries between the worlds are getting weaker and Thorn can hold each year longer. In fact, last year the Mad King stayed a week longer than the years before, and this year at least a day longer than announced. Could ArenaNet have given us an indication that the borders are crumbling? Could the Mad King, who indeed has skeletons in his army, have anything to do with the current events?

What do you think? What do you expect for the upcoming Living World Season 4? Are we experiencing the first omens here?