Cash against gold: find money when you can not borrow

Cash against gold: find money when you can not borrow

What to do when a financial institution does not want to lend all of us money? With a profile from the type of job seeker in RSA, or even worse, trapped BDF, to borrow is certainly difficult or impossible. Nevertheless the urgency is experienced and it is necessary to find cash quickly, we must find options. Among them, sell gold, once you own it, or sell your own jewelery whether in jewellery or in a gold purchase shop for cash.

Sell ​​your gold jewellery at the best price

Sell ​​your gold jewelry at the best price

Getting out of financial problems may also go through the famous cash towards gold. To exchange gold for cash is a practice as aged as the world, it is nevertheless necessary to do it in great conditions not to be folded. When looking for a loan without having to inquire your bank, there are other methods. To read, our articles to obtain by:

  • how to borrow money with no going through a bank
  • Who can we make an application for financial assistance
  • find money when you’re prohibited

To find out if his jewels have been in gold, it is necessary to look at the particular punch. Good to know: precious metal does not react to magnets. In case your piece is attracted to the particular magnetic field, then decades gold

Who else to sell his gold jewellery?

Who to sell his gold jewelry?

It is possible to choose to go to a jeweler, his bank or even a pawnbroker. The latter will take a substantial commission, and surely provide you less than the jeweler, often favored for this type of deal.

We furthermore advise against selling your own gold to your bank, due to the high fees and fees that are applied (8%). Furthermore, one can not sell for over 3000 euros of precious metal to his bank within France.

A few companies offer to send all of them your jewelry by posting

If for your most serious of them the device works well, remember to take out a good insurance when sending, and also to send it by signed up to be able to trace and have evidence of delivery just in case.

Indeed, scams in this area a variety of, especially if you change your mind and you will not sell. Recovering his home may prove to be the barrier course. In addition , it is simpler to give a price well beneath the real value of the treasure when you do not have the customer ahead, so distrust.

Gold versus cash: look for a jeweler who buys precious metal for cash

Gold versus cash: find a jeweler who buys gold for cash

The very first thing to do is to go and find out several jewelers with their precious metal jewels, to make them estimation, and thus to obtain an average worth. Better not to go with a preconceived idea, to avoid being dissatisfied. The jewels, on resell, are often worth much less compared to purchase, especially if the precious metal is destined to be dissolved. In trading, you can also enjoy on the volume, if you choose to market everything in one place.

Attention: some company, even the most serious, inquire to be paid to evaluate your own little treasure. In fact , absolutely nothing guarantees them that you will work with them once the work is completed, and good expertise may take time, so money. Issue is the case, choose the jewelry expert that you have been advised, along with whom you are likely to do business.

The value of his precious metal jewelry

The value of his gold jewelry

Do not undervalue the sentimental value of your own objects: are you ready to spend them, and have you worn out all the possibilities of credit plus financial aid?


Often , following the expertise of a jeweler, a person risk being disappointed by price offered. The value of your own items will depend on their problem: will the jewelery become resold as is, or can the gold simply end up being extracted for remelting? In cases like this you will surely get a great deal less than expected.

It’s up to you to see for anyone who is ready to make that give up. In any case, going to a jewelry expert does not commit you to something, and once the value is established, you choose whether you want to sell delete word. It’s up to you to know learn how to ask all the right queries before you decide.

If the jeweler is truthful, he will offer you a purchase price in line with the price of gold when you go to their shop. If the room is extremely beautiful, and it interests your pet to sell it in the condition, it may even offer an increased price.

Could it be the right time to sell precious metal?

It seems that the problem is right, but at a great time to separate objects that individuals hold, there is not really. In case that interests us, the particular sale of his jewels may be the result of a need, if it is not possible to do otherwise carrying out a refusal of credit.

There is always a market throughout the year for gold coins and bullion in very good condition. Meant for jewelry, it’s a little various, it’s a question of provide and demand. Of course , the standard of the item will make all the distinction, especially if the jewelry is definitely signed by major brands associated with jewelry.

Money against gold abroad: re-sell in Switzerland and Belgium

Cash against gold abroad: resell in Switzerland and Belgium

These two European countries are extremely close to the French borders, that makes it possible to move physically if required. But they have specificities that belongs to them, with legislation different from exactly what France can impose.

The question everyone requires, Whatever the country:

Gold purchase: how much is the particular gram? Unfortunately, it is precious metal prices that make prices plus prices fluctuate. On the other hand, fees vary from one country to a different.

Go market his gold coins in Swiss

It is also legitimate for ingots or ingots. But foreign sellers have to know that they will have to have a local bank-account if the idea is to invest. Many transactions pass through Switzerland. Does this mean that it’s the number one country for gold transactions?

With regards to places, places to exchange gold for cash are not without Switzerland, whether in banks or agencies.

To go from Switzerland to France

Because to cross the particular border after having recognized its sale, it is to need to declare it with the fees on the French side. Expense only be a question of actually finding the best price on the spot, but also associated with optimizing the taxes to get the best yield. Having money is a constant, but not the only person.

The task is exempt in Swiss. It is in France which will be involved the capital gains taxes, if everything is announced in the rules. There is a type to fill out, which can be bought at the tax office.

Takeover and sale for gold in Brussels

Belgium does not have to become ashamed of its neighbor Swiss, and some French, well informed, took the habit of taking the Thalys to sell their bullion within Belgium to take advantage of the absence of tax on the sale of precious metals. Additionally , below 2500 euros, no identity card required.

Tax side in France, it’s the same thing. It’s important to declare everything to the taxman once came ultimately back. Remember that you can not travel from country to another with more than ten thousand euros in cash on your own.

The anti-crisis solution!

The anti-crisis solution!

Deposit his gold pledge

This is how the Credit Municipal de Paris works. One leaves his jewels or other precious object for money, charge to refund it if one wants to recover them. Otherwise, we leave them (at a heavy discount anyway) and we keep the loan amount.

They are often objects that have a history, and have experienced families for a long time. But when we now have debts, we sometimes don’t have any choice. It’s better than going right on through a loan shark, or planning to see his bank, might be inclined to lend to fixed-term, temporary, and other people looking for work.

If you do not have gold jewelry for sale, realize that it is possible to redeem improbable things, as long as they contain the platinum, such as gold teeth as an example!


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