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Around the Gamescom – Livestreams and pictures

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Gamescom 2018 took place in the past week and we were there and in the meantime experienced one or the other outside of the fair. There were livestreams like the Chaos-Cast or the cooking at Sputti, but also a community event in Cologne. The live stream recordings and pictures of the events have now been collected for you in this news.

Guild missions on Monday

The guild missions started on Monday with the crazy Gamescom week. At this point in time, Aouglas, DarxMaster and Vanitas were already in Sputti’s apartment and caused a lot of excitement in the missions. In addition, all were allowed at the events in connection to Sputti’s account and were upset about his attitudes.


Cooking on tuesday

Spontaneously, it was wished on Sunday that the team could make a cooking stream during Gamescom. Your wish was our command and we have implemented such a stream. Cooked Vanitas and Aouglas and in the quite small kitchen of Sputti. There was spaghetti bolognese. The stream could unfortunately only be done with the smartphone and is accordingly a bit pixelated.


Chaos Cast on Wednesday

The highlight of every Gamescom is our Chaos Cast. With eleven people we discussed our experiences at the fair and discussed various games and events.


ArenaNet party on Thursday

On Thursday the ArenaNet Party took place and we were there again. Unfortunately, nobody from the Guildnews team won anything this year, but we had a lot of fun, met many friends and, of course, congratulated the winners of the awards.


Community meeting on Friday

With our monthly community meeting we let the Gamescom end this time. On Friday evening we went to Mongo’s in Cologne and spent nearly four hours eating, drinking and laughing. With 24 + 2 people (the last two arrived later) we made the store unsafe and a waitress entertained the evening well.